Coin Stacking

Coin Stacks from Around the World

Ken Burbach from apple river, illinois usa sent this photo on 22 April 2009.

Description: Poker Chip Twist


Bob Johnson from Broken Arrow, OK US sent this video on 4 March 2009

Ryan Epling from Lugoff, South Carolina United States age 15 sent this photo on 6 February 2009.

Description: I was sick and got bored. Not very high, but I didn't have a lot of coins. I started off with a little bit, then as I found more money I stacked it higher.

2009-02-06-RyanEpling1.jpg 2009-02-06-RyanEpling2.jpg 2009-02-06-RyanEpling3.jpg

Eric Samuel from Allenstown, New Hampshire USA age 16 sent this photo on 19 December 2008.

Description: I started collecting my loose quarters a year ago and started stacking them a few weeks ago. I tried during a class with a couple pennies once and they fell but my teacher didn't notice.


reble rebel from bristol, somerset uk sent this video on 18 October 2008.

bobby patten from marysville, washington united states age 16 sent this photo on 3 October 2008.

Description: i used every last penny in the coin jar ^_^

2008-10-03-bobbypatten1.jpg 2008-10-03-bobbypatten2.jpg 2008-10-03-bobbypatten3.jpg

More photos from Tim Legg, Elk Grove Village, IL: "This is a picture of a 9 penny bridge I built. This is part of a larger structure I am building, but it is unfinished. I am currently focusing on restoring an antique car until the winter months set in."


Description: "My name is Eli Ward, I'm 19 years of age, I'm from the U.S. Missouri. I've been stacking for about three weeks now since I've discovered this site. I was inspired to stack when I stumbled on this page." 2008-06-21-EliWard2.jpg

More photos from Tim Legg, Elk Grove Village, IL:

"The bottom circle is a circumference of 36 coins. Each echelon of layers is two pennies smaller than the previous. It is over 520 pennies tall and contains over 10,000 pennies. The bottom span reaches 5 pennies.

"After this, a 60 penny base will be build to achieve six 9-penny spans. It will be estimated to contain almost 40,000 pennies and stand about twice as tall. The current challenge is finding a solid foundation. Currently it is set on a wood floor that moves slightly that causes the top to wave."



This just goes to show that towers don't need to be round. No other pictures of this one exist. It was destroyed when it's 3 foot tall neighbor was demolished.


Mike Biskintawi sent this photo on 11 July 2008.

Description: Rob B. did the bridge and Mike B. did the spiral


Andrea from California, age 14 Description: "I emptied my piggy bank and I was bored, so my friends Julia and Alisse told me to build something.." 2008-17-06-AndreaR.jpg

Daniel Grzymek From Siemianowice Slaskie Poland


From Robert Salazar:


Duane Burton from Portland Oregon:

2007-04-08-DuaneBurton1.jpg 2007-04-08-DuaneBurton2.jpg 2007-04-08-DuaneBurton3.jpg

Travis Wimer (aka. Twiz) from Slippery Rock, PA.:


Jake Tinley, Hemel Hempstead by London


View more of Jake's creations here.

Mark from Birmingham UK sent this nice picture of this hollow dome with this description: When I saw the dome I had to see if it could be done upside down. It needed a bit of scaffolding (piles of pennies) until it could support it's own weight and it has a stack of pennies inside. Turns out it didn't need the stack on top. I bet someone could make a nice sphere if they had the time.


Anthony from Wales sent these photos: "I got bored one night so i just made some random structures just to see how strong they would become."






Mitchell Tribbett from Denver Colorado USA sent this amazing picture of a tower with a cd balanced on top!


and a cool spiral (16 penny circumfrance)


Brian Ehrhart from Idaho created this interesting mix of coins:

Joseph Cusack from Boston sent these photos:



Keith sent me these photos of Alex Chervinsky from Lock Haven, PA who in 1971 held the world record for coins stacked on another coin standing upright on a coin laying flat.


"A model of Petronas twin towers using mostly all dimes and a few nickles and quarters. It taken probably 4 hrs if I did it non-stop. There is a piece of card supporting the bridge in the center (that's because the bridge would have sag too much to look neat) There's not other supports holding the towers standing." -Thaibu Gholar


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Note: All stacks of coins were done without any glue. Only the weight of the coins provides the support. Enjoy the pictures. Coin Stacking is a fun hobby for kids, college students and adults.