Whats New in October 2004

Last Updated: October 18, 2004

Some notes for a talk on October 19 at IntelliQuest.

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  1. Introduction

    A very brief overview of some new technologies on the web, computing, and advertising. This will be a shotgun approach - a lot of topics, but little depth.

    Feel free to ask questions and make comments during the next 43 minutes - we are all friends here.

  2. General Marketing and Advertising
    1. Neuromarketing graphics

      Brain Scans using fMRI for market research www.brandchannel.com

      Jennifer Rice's blog entry.

    2. Digital Video Recorders (DVR) - graphicsTiVo
  3. Google Marketing
    1. AdWordsgraphics
      Example Search: buy horse Elgin Texas or automobile accident injury.
    2. AdSense is for web site owners. Example: www.petplace.com
    3. What are the implications for marketing?
  4. Communications:
    1. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Wi-Max)

      Wi-Max has a 30 mile range with broadband speed, but it is power hungry and expensive. It may be a replacement for Cable or DSL broadband in some areas. In several years, perhaps used in laptops instead of Wi-Fi or 3g.

    2. Broadband over power lines (BPL)

      BPL is just starting in trials. It's big problem is potential radio interference with Ham radio and military frequencies. Your power company could be your ISP. It's convenient in homes since no wiring is needed, just plug your computer into the electrical plug.

  5. Hardware:
    1. 64Bit processors - AMD graphics.
    2. Dual Core Processors - AMD

      Intel has canceled its 4.0 Gigahertz chip.

    3. 3D Television / Digital TV / Flat Panels / Projector TV / HDTV
    4. Power for laptops: Fuel Cells or Jet Engines.
  6. The Dark Side of the Web:
    1. Malware - SpyWare. 20% of Dell support calls concern "malware". Adware

      How do you get it? What does it do? How do they make $$$? How to get rid of malware?

      Free on-line checker.
      To help with adware and spyware use an alternative browser and don't download tiny programs from the internet.

    2. Phishing
    3. StealWare
    4. Stealth Dialers
    5. Cloaking
    6. Domain Keys might alleviate some spam
  7. The Light Side of the Web:
    1. Blogging , Jennifer Rice's blog.).
    2. RSS Readers
    3. Wikis, Wikipedia
    4. Podcasting audio blogging. Finding Feeds.
  8. Social web - friendster.com
  9. Upcoming Battles for the future of Tech
    1. Battle to merge PCs and TVs in the family room (Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition)
    2. Digital Rights Management (DRM) - Microsoft
    3. OS of new phones: Symbian, Microsoft, Linux, ...
    4. Mobile Devices: Smart Phones vs. PDAs.
    5. Next DVD format: Blu-Ray, HD-DVD
    6. Next Search Engine: Google, Yahoo, MSN Search?
  10. What is Machinima?
  11. Misc
    1. GMail, GBrowser, Google Books, Desktop Search Engine
    2. Alternate browsers gaining popularity
    3. A9.com, alltheweb.com
    4. Guttenburggraphics..
    5. Longhorn 2006
  12. Future:
    1. Quantum Computing