Top 10 Signs of LayOffs

Top 10 Signs You Are About to be Laid Off

  1. The CEO has just said the recent layoffs were the final ones and no future downsizing is planned.
  2. Your office manager and an interior designer walk through your office areas jotting down notes and measuring space.
  3. All your vacation time showed up as cash on this week's paycheck.
  4. You and fellow programmers are told to be sure that all code is under version control.
  5. The company just opened a new branch office in India.
  6. The IT guys sent out a mass email saying the 'password server' is down, so don't call them if someone can't login.
  7. You just finished a very big project and are temporarily researching new technology absolutely critical for the company's future.
  8. Everyone in the office is asked to update their personnel records.
  9. Your boss is suddenly fascinated with you work and says that she wants to learn everything you do.
  10. The new computer you were promised this month was unexpectedly delayed, but it will be here soon.
  11. Lots of packing boxes appear mysteriously in the mail room.
  12. You are closing on your new house in a week.
  13. When you walk into the office in the the morning an armed guard is in the lobby reading the newspaper and the fire ax is removed from the hallway.

Bonus Content:

Top Signs Your Boss Has Found Another Job and is Leaving
  1. Unexpectedly gets cheerier
  2. Comes into work late and leaves early
  3. Used to be interested in every detail of your work, now just says, "That looks great!" and moves on