Best Free Software for Windows XP/win7

Best Free Software for Windows XP/Win7

Many great replacements for programs you pay hard-earned money for are free! Here are my suggestions:

  1. Best Free Photo Editing Program

    For simple editing of photos, Paint.Net is wonderful. The look and feel is similiar to Photoshop Elements and Paintshop Pro. Get it here.

  2. Best Free Screen Capture Utility tools are great. You can select a rectangle of your screen to move to the "copy" buffer and many more great functions.

  3. Best Free Cmd.exe Replacement

    Console Console has tabs and real text selection.

  4. Best Free Diff program

    WinMerge is great for looking at differences in files and merging the files.

  5. Best Free Online Regular Expression Utility

  6. Best Free Notepad Replacement

    Download Notepad++. Its fast and has plenty of extra features.

  7. Best Free FTP Client

    Download Filezilla.

  8. Free Disk Space Usage Analyzer

    Space Sniffer tells you where your disk space is being used.

  9. Best Free Process Monitor

    Process Explorer from It shows the processes, but also many other useful info.

  10. Best Free PDF reader

    Sumatra is a lightening-fast PDF reader.

  11. Best XML viewer (2010)

    XML Marker is a fast, easy XML editor.

  12. Best Free Startup Monitor

    Does your windows computer bootup slowly? Autoruns from shows what processes are kicked off during startup.

  13. Best Free Virus Scanner

    Grisoft AVG

  14. Best OnlineFree Virus Scanner

    Trend Micro

  15. Best Free Compression Utility - 7-zip


  16. Best way to move large files around the net is
  17. Best way to get an anonymous, temporary phone number is at
  18. Best free telnet/SSH client

    PuTTY, download from Softpedia

  19. Best free audio analyzer

    Audacity is a great, full featured audio analyzer

  20. Best iso burner to CD

    isorecorder by alex feinman.

  21. Best File Date Changer Attribute-Changer.
  22. Best Free Way to Wipe a Disk

    Darik Horn has a program to put on a bootable CD at that completely erases all data on a hard drive. This is a must before donating an old computer.

  23. Best Free file comparer
  24. Other Utilities
    1. Unlocker

      Tired of not being able to delete files because some windows process has a lock on it? Unlocker tells you which program has locked a file and allows you to unlock it or waste the program locking it.

    2. Microsoft has a nice collection of small utilities called PowerToys. The image resizer is handy as is the "Open Command Window Here" utility.
    3. Best free html utility