Kane Photos

  1. Picture of Charles Dudley Sherman (from John Kessel):

  2. Picture of Melinda Chastain Sherman Williams And MrWms (from John Kessel):


  3. Picture from the Niles Historical Society scanned by John Kessel . It was a postcard format with writing on the back. Is the oldest here Ruth Henrietta Chastain Kane? 1911-Chastain.jpg 1911-ChastainBack.jpg
  4. Picture of Mrs. Charles Sherman

    (or is this a picture of Cora Sherman Chastain with her two children Ruth and George she will take into a marriage with Lon (Lonzo) Chastain?)

  5. 1940-00-00-kanes.jpg

    The George Henry Kanes (1940s)
    Top Row: George "Putze" Kane, Herbert "HIK" Kane, Ken "Buck" Kane, Ed Kane
    Lower Row: Ruth "Sis" Kane, Ruth Henrietta Chastain Kane, George Henry Kane (1896-1962) my GreatGrandfather, Dorothy "Dot" Kane (my Grandmother)

  6. 1942-00-00-Kanes.jpg

    Picture from Ken Kane, with this note: "The two heads that are missing........the one on the left is my dad the other is Herb. The lady next to my dad is my mother and your great grandmother. The headless body is Herb and the lady between his legs is Dot your grandmother. The little girl in the snow suit is Jo Ann your mother. The other lady is your aunt Sis."

  7. gkane.gif

    Bud dy, George Henry Kane (1896-1962), Ruth Chastain Kane, Dorothy "Dot" Kane Sievers, Joanne Sievers

  8. 1966-00-00-CoraFiveGnerations.jpg

    Cora Chastain (my GreatGreatGrandMother), Ruth Kane (her daughter), Dorothy Kane (her daughter), Joanne Fincher (her daughter) and Mitchell Fincher, Michael Fincher
    (Not one of my better pictures).

  9. Dorothy Sievers and some mouse

  10. Show Collie

    Dorothy and Herb raised show collies. This I think is one of their campions. It was in an 11x8 inch picture.

  11. Postcard photo of the Hereford hotel's early days

  12. Dot and friend

  13. Don't Ask

  14. Kane Siblings

  15. Family Reunion?