To protect privacy, all dates starting with 19 have been replaced with "19**"


Chapter One


(A) ROBERT KILLOUGH, b. 1681, Co. Antrim, Ire.; d. 1737, Cumberland
Co., PA; m. Margaret Finley.  In January or February of 1718, with his
brother John, he migrated from Coleraine, Ulster, Ireland, on "The
William."  Coming with them were their sons, David, Finley, John and
possibly Allen.  Allen has not been proven to be their son but his
Killough name, place and date of birth, and the fact that their lives
in Pennsylvania are so closely intertwined make it credible to
arbitrarily place him and his descendants here.

(1) ALLEN KILLOUGH "of Ridge Road", PA, b. 1709, Co. Antrim, Ire.;
d. 1785, Montgomery Township, Cumberland Co., PA; m. Hannah ___;
d. ca. 1786.  Prior to 1742, he settled in Cumberland County and was
an elder of the Middle Spring Presbyterian Church, which is near
Shippensburg, Cumberland Co., PA.  This family lived on a road along a
ridge by the "Allegheny path."  In 1742 he was an elder of the Big
Spring Presbyterian Church in Franklin Co., just across the county
line.  On November 9, 1784, a large portion of Cumberland County was
designated Franklin County.  While pastors were in charge of temporal
affairs, elders settled disputes of land rights and disputes involving
character.  His will was written 03 MAY 1784 and probated 11 APR 1785,
Franklin Co., PA.  In her will, dated 07 MAY 1785, Hannah says that
she is living with her grandson David, who was a son of her daughter
Jean Killough Campbell.  Her will was probated 13 JAN 1786.  Birth
dates are not known for Jean, John, Francis, Allen, Jr., Elizabeth,
Rebeckah and Hannah; therefore listed order here is in the order
listed in Allen and Hannah's wills.

(a) JEAN/JANE KILLOUGH; m. John Campbell.  Her father called her Jane
in his will while her mother called her Jean in her will.
   (i)   JOHN CAMPBELL, Jr.; m. ___ Kennedy, dau. of John Kennedy, of Franklin Co., PA, who served in the Revolutionary War.
      I.   ALLEN KILLOUGH CAMPBELL (written as "Allen Keiloh Campble" in his maternal grandfather's (John Kennedy) will, b. 1784; d. 26 FEB 1837; m. Esther Robinson, dau. of Francis Robinson who served in the Revolutionary War, b. 15 FEB 1788; d. 29 DEC 1865. As of 19**, they were still in PA.  They lived in Guilford, Dearborn Co., IN, at one time.  On the tombstone for Allen, he is listed as A. K. Campbell, Sr.  There may have been a son by his name.  
         A.   JANE CAMPBELL, b. 1811; d. 19**; m. 28 OCT 1835, John Work, b. 1807; d.    1853.
         B.   JOSIAH CAMPBELL, b. 03 MAR 1820; m. 16 JUL 1848, Caroline Ward.
         C.   CATHERINE "Cassie" KENNEDY CAMPBELL, b. 23 FEB 1825, Guilford, Dearborn Co., IN; m. 28 OCT 1847, Guilford, IN, John Wesley Lewis, b. 04 JUN 1807, Albany, Albany Co., NY, son of Jonathan and Hannah Hallett Lewis; d. 14 OCT 1886.
            1.   ADDISON WATSON LEWIS, b. 24 NOV 1847, Guilford, Dearborn Co., IN; d. Mt. Carmel, (Carmel, Hamilton Co. ?), IN.
            2.   ANNA BELLE LEWIS, b. 16 NOV 1850, Dearborn Co., IN.
            3.   CHARLES WESLEY LEWIS, b. 26 OCT 1852, Dearborn Co., IN; d. 02 MAY 19**, Sterling, Whiteside Co., IL; m. 08   AUG 1875, Rock Falls, Whiteside Co., IL, ___.
            4.   LOUISA LEWIS, b. 13 MAR 1855, Dearborn Co., IN.
            5.   MAY LEWIS, b. 29 OCT 1858, Dearborn Co., IN; m. 15 SEP 1891.
            6.   MARCUS WINFIELD LEWIS, b. 13 APR 1861, Dearborn Co., IN; m. 31 OCT 1889, Medora, Jackson Co., IN, ___.  He was a member of The Sons of the American Revolution and Founders and Patriots of America.
            7.   Infant LEWIS, b. 29 AUG 1864, Dearborn Co., IN.
         D.   Possibly ALLEN KILLOUGH CAMPBELL, Jr.
   (ii)   DAVID CAMPBELL.  His grandmother Hannah Killough lived with him in 1885 after her husband died.
(b)   JOHN KILLOUGH "of Lurgan Twp." in Cumberland Co., PA; d. MAY 1777, Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA.; m. Margaret Parker, dau. of Richard Parker and Martha McClure.  During the Revolutionary War, he spent a winter as a prisoner on a ship in Boston Harbor and died after being sent home as a result.  Carlisle, a center of Revolutionary activity, is about 30 miles from Lurgan Township.  His will is dated 30 JAN 1777, probated 30 MAY 1777.  In his will, he asked his "beloved brother Francis" to care for his wife and son Allen.  They also had a daughter Rebeckah.  Francis Killough and Margaret were later married.
   (i)   ALLEN/ALLAN KILLOUGH, Sr., b. 27 AUG 1770, PA; d. FEB 1815, KY/DEC 1814, Ross Co., OH (his will was probated 21 SEP 1815); m. 05 NOV 1792, Bourbon Co., KY, Christiana/Christian Logan, b. NOV 1774; d. 06 JAN 185_ (on tombstone).  Christiana Killough is listed in 1850 Ohio census living with her son Samuel and Hester Killough.  She is buried in Concord Presb. Ch. Cem., Concord Twp., Ross Co., OH.  This Allen is the first Killough who moved from the East on to Ohio.  He bought land just off Lower Twin in Ross County, OH, in 1806, where they lived in later years.  His name is spelled "Allan" in his sheepskin-covered Bible which lists nine children by Christiana and two by a Margaret.  This is a conflict in the records that has not been resolved.  In Ross Co. records and the Bible, Killough spelling varies.
      I.   WILLIAM B. KILLOUGH, b. 13 JAN 1794, Bourbon Co. KY; d. 1844 Hardin Co., OH; m. (1) 13/31 AUG 1819, Nancy Ward, d. 22 JAN 1836, Hardin Co., OH; seven ch.; (2) 18 APR 1837, Mary Junkins, b. 05 MAR 1802; no ch.  Moved from Ross Co., OH, to Hardin Co., OH, in 1831.  Seven ch.: Wartham, Allen, Martha, Tolbert, Elizabeth, Samuel Logan, Mary Jane.
         A.   WARTHAM KILLOUGH, b. 27 MAY 1820, Ross Co., OH.
         B.   ALLEN W. KILLOUGH, b. 01 OCT 1821, Ross Co., OH; d. 19 SEP 1843, Hardin Co., OH.
         C.   MARTHA ANN KILLOUGH, b. 10 NOV 1822, Ross Co., OH; m. 20 JAN 1839, Hardin Co., OH, Joseph Junkins, b. 05 MAR 1802; d. 1867, Hardin Co., OH.  He was Mary (Junkins) Killough's twin brother.
            l.   MARY JUNKINS, b. 1841.
            2.   JAMES JUNKINS, b. 1842.
            3.   NANCY JUNKINS, b. 1845.
            4.   WILLIAM JUNKINS, b. 18 JUL 1850.
            5.   HENRY JUNKINS, b. 07  FEB 1854; m. Sarah Jane "Jennie" Young; div.
            6.   IVY CAROLINE JUNKINS, b. 08   FEB 1856; d. 19 APR 19**, Van Vert Co., OH; m. 18 JUL 1873, John Steve Ireland, b. 24 JUN 1848, Van Vert Co., OH; d. 10 JUL 19**, Van Vert Co., OH.
               a.   MARION EDWARD IRELAND, b. 08   APR 1874, Van Vert Co., OH; d. 18 JUL 1881.
               b.   ELMER HARVEY IRELAND, b. 18 FEB 1876, Van Vert Co., OH; d. 19 JUL 19**; m. 14 JUN 19**, Nannie Viola Johantgen.
               c.   ALVIN WILLIAM IRELAND, b. 06 NOV 1877, Van Vert Co., OH; d. 24 DEC 19**; m. 05 OCT 19**, Florence A. Sinders.
               d.   ORVAN OBER IRELAND, b. 06 OCT 1881, Van Vert Co., OH; d. 07  JAN 19**; m. 28 DEC 19**, Effie May (McGahan) Gosline.
               e.   FREDDIE OSCAR IRELAND, b. 08   FEB 1887, Van Vert Co., OH; d. 16 JAN 1888.
               f.   WALTER HENRY IRELAND, b. 31 OCT 1893; m. Florence Hale; div.
            7.   JOSEPH A. JUNKINS, b. AUG 1857, Hardin Co., OH; d. 14 JAN 19**, Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH; m. 1885, Mary E. ___, b. MAY 1860.
               a.   VERNON A./H. JUNKINS, b. FEB 1886, Ross Co., OH; d. 20 FEB 19**, Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH; m. Grace ___, b. 1888; d. 02 NOV 19**.
                  i.   JANE JUNKINS; m. ___ Nickle.
                  ii.   BEATRICE JUNKINS; m. ___ Shasteen.
                  iii.   HELEN JUNKINS; m. ___ Bandy.
                  iv.   VERNA JUNKINS; m. ___ Evans.
                  v.   EUGENE JUNKINS
               b.   BERTHA M. JUNKINS, b. SEP 1890, Ross Co., OH; d. 26 JUN 19**, Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH; m. J. Earl White, b. 1885, Fayette Co., OH; d. 17 JUN 19**; no ch.
            8.   SARAH KATHERINE "Kate" JUNKINS, b. 29 NOV 1860, Roundhead Twp., Hardin Co., OH; d. 07  JUL 19**, Toledo, Lucas Co., OH; bur. Kenton, Hardin Co., OH; m. 05 SEP 1880, Hardin Co., OH, Harry Willis Mentzer, b. 05 DEC 1856, Kenton, OH; d. 13 FEB 19**, Toledo, OH; bur. Toledo, OH.
               a.   HARVEY JACKSON MENTZER, b. 29 NOV 1881, Hardin Co., OH; d. 04 APR 19**; m. ___.
               b.   EDITH MENTZER, b. 29 MAR 1886, Hardin Co., OH; d. 08   MAR 19**, Toledo, Lucas Co., OH; bur. Toledo, OH.
               c.   DAVID FRANKLIN MENTZER, b. 04 JAN 1889, Hardin Co., OH; d. 05 JUL 19**; bur. Kenton, Hardin Co., OH.
               d.   GEORGE WILLIS MENTZER, b. 17 FEB 1893, Kenton, Hardin Co., OH; d. 18 FEB 19**, Toledo, Lucas Co., OH; bur. Toledo, OH; m. 10 JAN 19**, Toledo, OH, Vida Louise Aufderheide.
                  i.   LAURA MARIE MENTZER, b. 02 JAN 19**, Toledo, Lucas Co., OH; m. Floyd Ramsdell.
                  ii.   VIRGINIA LOUISE MENTZER, b. 13 OCT 19**, Toledo, Lucas Co., OH; m. Donald Konz.
                  iii.   KATHRYN EDITH MENTZER, b. 26 MAR 19**, Toledo, Lucas Co., OH; m. Clarence Bruner.
                  iv.   ROBERT GEORGE MENTZER, b. 06 APR 19**, Toledo, Lucas Co., OH; m. 12 SEP 19**, Toledo, OH, Nancy Jean Harman.
                  v.   NANCY MENTZER, b. 12 OCT 19**, Toledo, Lucas Co., OH; d. 02 JAN 19**, Toledo, OH; bur. Toledo, OH.
               e.   SAMUEL PROCTOR MENTZER, b. 28 AUG 1895, Hardin Co., OH; d. 1896/1897, Hardin Co., OH.
               f.   BENJAMIN WADDLE MENTZER, b. 28 OCT 1897, Hardin Co., OH; d. 04 DEC 19**, Toledo, Lucas Co., OH.
               g.   MARGARET E. MENTZER, b. 30 SEP 19**, Hardin Co., OH; d. 22 OCT 19**, Toledo, Lucas Co., OH.
         D.   TOLBERT KILLOUGH, b. 10 JUL 1827, Ross Co., OH; d. 03 SEP 1828, Ross Co., OH.
         E.   ELIZABETH KILLOUGH, b. 26 MAR 1829, Ross Co., OH; m. 08   SEP 1848, James McClung.  They are in the 1850 Ohio census.  He is in the 1860 census but she is not.
         F.   SAMUEL LOGAN KILLOUGH, b. 01 NOV 1831, Logan Co., OH; d. 24 MAY 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. (1) 11 DEC 1851, Rachel Nelson, b. 22 NOV 1833; d. 1857, Hardin Co., OH; three ch.; (2) 08   MAR 1858, Elizabeth Hatfield, b. 04 JUL 1836; d. 25 APR 1875, Hardin Co., OH; four ch.; (3) 26 MAR 1876, Annie/Anna E. Taylor, b. 06 JUN 1857; d. 13 JUL 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co., OH; four ch.  Samuel became guardian to the four youngest Junkins children--Henry, Ivy, Joseph and Catherine--when their father Joseph died in 1867.  Samuel's wife at the time was Elizabeth.  He was a farmer his entire life.  During the Civil War, he enlisted on OCT 2, 1861, and served with the 82nd regular Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Co. A.  On July 1, 1863, at the battle of Gettysburg, PA, he received a head wound.  When he came to, he was washing the wound in a small stream and was captured by southern soldiers.  He spent seventeen months in Andersonville, GA, prison, where he lost over 100 lbs. from the terrible conditions.  He paroled on Feb. 4, 1865, and received a pension of $20 in 19**.  Nine ch.: Nancy, Sarah, William, John, Findley, Effie, James, Robert, Ira.
            1.   SARAH ELLEN KILLOUGH, b. 17 JUN 1853.
            2.   NANCY ELIZABETH KILLOUGH, b. 29 AUG 1852/54; d. 31 JAN 19**; m. Simond T. Harvey.
               a.   SAMUEL EDWARD HARVEY, b. 09 MAY 1877; d. 21 DEC 19**; m. Carrie Price.
                  i.   H. GUY HARVEY, b. 04 SEP 1898; m. Ruby L. Fry.
                     I   CORA BELLE HARVEY
                     II   JUNE HARVEY
                     III   JANE HARVEY
                     IV   GARLAND H. HARVEY
                     V   GEORGE E. HARVEY
               b.   MARY HARVEY; m. Amos Metellus Smith, b. 07  JUL 1878; d. 12 JAN 19**.
                  i.   HAROLD S. SMITH, b. 26 DEC 19**; d. 06 MAR 19**; m. 21 APR 19**, Golda Dunson.
                     I   MERLE SMITH
               c.   THOMAS WALTER HARVEY, b. 07  NOV 1881; d. 12 JAN 19**; m. Lena ___.
               d.   FLORINA/FLORENCE HARVEY
            3.   WILLIAM A. KILLOUGH, b. 20 DEC 1859; d. 12 NOV 19**, Lakeview, Logan Co., OH; single.  He followed his brother John to Oklahoma and ran a butcher shop in Dewey, OK, but later returned to Lakeview, Logan Co., OH.
            4.   JOHN WALTER KILLOUGH, b. 10 JUN 1866; d. FEB 19**; m. 11 NOV 1891, Hardin Co., OH, Emma Serks.  He went to Okla. ca. 1890 and made the Cherokee Strip Run.  He built a log cabin on his farm at Guthrie, Logan Co., Okla.
               a.   SAMUEL EVERETT KILLOUGH, b. 1892, Guthrie, Indian Terr. (Okla.); d. JUL 19**; m. Anne Mitchell.  Occ.: construction worker.
                  i.   JAMES KILLOUGH of Cushing, Payne Co., OK.
                     I   STEPHEN KILLOUGH
                     II   ___ KILLOUGH (son)
                  ii.   DONALD KILLOUGH of Midwest City, OK.
                     I   ___ KILLOUGH (son), d. 19**.
                     II   ___ KILLOUGH (dau.)
               b.   JAMES MELVIN KILLOUGH, b. 1894, Guthrie, Indian Terr. (Okla.); m. Helen Bishop of Sparks, OK; no ch.  Was in civil service and a construction worker in Chandler, Lincoln Co., OK.
               c.   ORVIN LEROY KILLOUGH, b. 1896, Guthrie, Indian Terr. (Okla.); d. 19**; single.
               d.   WILLIAM ARTHUR KILLOUGH, b. 1897, Guthrie, Indian Terr. (Okla.); d. 17 OCT 19**, Amarillo, Potter Co., TX; m. 19**, Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR, Mary Agnes Gray, b. 1898, Cain Hill, AR; raised in Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., OK; d. 19**; no ch.  Occ.: steelworker.
               e.   HAROLD KILLOUGH, b. 1899; d. 19**.
               f.   ELBERT GLEN KILLOUGH, b. 19**; d. 19** near Okla. City, Okla. Co., OK; single.
               g.   MABEL IRENE KILLOUGH, b. 19**, Guthrie, Indian Terr. (Okla.); d. 19**; m. Frank Steer; no ch.  Occ.: Col. in U. S. Army.
               h.   ALVA MERLE KILLOUGH, b. 19**, Guthrie, Indian Terr. (Okla.); dec.; m. ___.
               i.   RUSTY KILLOUGH; dec.; m. Madge ___; no ch.; div.
            5.   FINLEY/FINDLAY R. KILLOUGH, b. 01 DEC 1870; d. 10 AUG 1887.
            6.   EFFIE JANE KILLOUGH, b. 23 DEC 1877; d. 19**; m. (1) 30 MAY 1896, Charles H. Layton; div.; (2) 19 JAN 19**, George William Kennedy, b. 10 MAR 1881; d. 24 MAR 19**.
               a.   GOLDIE EVA KILLOUGH, b. 25 MAR 1895; d. 07  MAR 19**; m. 20 JUN 19**, Wallace Anthony Clark, b. 05 APR 1891; d. 26 MAR 19**.  She was raised by grandparents SAMUEL LOGAN KILLOUGH and Anna and was a teacher in a one room school.  Goldie was a great, great, great granddau. of JOHN KILLOUGH, son of ALLEN KILLOUGH "of Ridge Road," b. 1709.  Wallace Clark's great great grandmother was HANNAH KILLOUGH, dau. of ALLEN KILLOUGH "of Ridge Road," b. 1709.  See details concerning their children under WALLACE ANTHONY CLARK'S name.
                  i.    ROBERT PAUL CLARK, b. 02 APR 19**.
                  ii.   BYRON WALLACE CLARK, b. 07  SEP 19**.
                  iii.   HELEN ALETHA CLARK, b. 24 AUG 19**.
                  iv.   JOSEPH LOGAN CLARK, b. 23 FEB 19**.
                  v.   MARGARET PATRICIA CLARK, b. 21 MAR 19**.
               b.   MABLE LAYTON, b. 10 AUG 1897; d. 11 JAN 19**; m. Francis Richison.  Res. TN.
                  i.   STANLEY RICHISON
                  ii.   NORMA JEAN RICHISON; m. James Weeks; dec.
               c.   DONALD KENNEDY, b. 26 AUG 19**; m. Velma Jordon.  Res. IN.
               d.   DOROTHY EVELYN KENNEDY, b. 16 AUG 19**; m. 26 DEC 19**, Paul Shilling Hilkey, b. 28 FEB 19**; d. 29 MAR 19**.  Res. IN.
                  i.   MARY LOUISE HILKEY, b. 18 NOV 19**; d. 22 APR 19**; m. 05 OCT 19**, Merlin Lee Wappes, b. 03 SEP 19**; no ch.
                  ii.   DAVID PAUL HILKEY, b. 23 JUL 19**; m. (1) Ellen Jean Wilson, b. 28 MAR 19**; six ch.; (2) Tory ___; no ch.
                     I   PAUL LINDEN HILKEY, b. OCT 19**; m. Kay Christlieb.
                        A   RICHARD LEE HILKEY, b. 31 JAN 19**.
                        B   MATTHEW HILKEY, b. 31 MAY 19**.
                     II   MICHAEL LEE HILKEY, b. 25 JAN 19**; m. Cindy Disbro.
                        A   AMANDA JEAN HILKEY, b. 14 NOV 19**.
                        B   JENNY HILKEY
                     III   DUANE ALLEN HILKEY, b. 12 APR 19**; m. Lori Tenant.
                        A   JOSHUA WILLIAM DAVID HILKEY, b. 31 JAN 19**.
                        B   LAYTON DANIEL HILKEY, b. 05 OCT 19**.
                     IV   GREGORY LYNN HILKEY, b. 12 AUG 19**; m. (1) Nancy McNulty; two ch.; (2) Christina ___.
                        A   EMILY JEAN HILKEY
                        B   AUBREY ELIZABETH HILKEY
                        C   LEIGHANN NICOLE HILKEY
                     V   CHERYL ANN HILKEY, b. 07  APR 19**; m. Harold Alvin Murphy, b. 28 JAN 19**.
                        A   MARGIE LOUISE MURPHY, b. JAN 28 19**.
                        B   NICHOLAS ALLEN MURPHY, b. 17 MAY 19**.
                     VI   JONATHAN DAVID HILKEY, b. 11 NOV 19**.
                  iii.   MARGIE ANN HILKEY, b. 23 OCT 19**; d. 28 JAN 19**.
                  iv.   NANCY JANE HILKEY, b. 10 JAN 19**; m. Michael Reese.
                     I   MICHAEL DEE REESE
                        A   MEGAN REESE
                        B   MICHAEL REESE
                     II   KATHLEEN MARIE REESE
                  v.   DOUGLAS PAUL HILKEY, b. 14 JUN 19**; m. 11 OCT 19**, Kay Bentley, b. 09 SEP 19**.
                     I   ANDREA NICOLE HILKEY, b. 03 APR 19**.
               e.   VIVIAN KENNEDY, b. 02 FEB 19**; dec.; m. Baron Helbert.
               f.   WILLIAM KENNEDY, b. 21 SEP 19**; m. Maryellen Hull.  Res. IN.
                  i.   SALLY KENNEDY; m. Milo Weingart.  Occ.: banker.  Res. Lafayette, CO.
            7.   JAMES LOGAN KILLOUGH, b. 05 APR 1878; d. 12 MAY 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co., OH; m. 13 JAN 19**, Anabella/Arabella Maude/Maud McGinnis, b. 24 SEP 1880; d. 04 FEB 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co., OH.  Eight ch.: Carl, Otto, Mary, Margaret, Gertrude, Ira, Leonard, Eva.
               a.   CARL DWIGHT KILLOUGH, stillborn 23 JUN 19**.
               b.   OTTO EARL KILLOUGH, b. 20 AUG 19**, Hardin Co. OH; d. 19 MAY 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co., OH; m. 29 AUG 19**, Rittman, OH, Katherine Welch.
                  i.   ROBERT KILLOUGH; d. 19** in WW II in France.  Res. Wayne Co., OH.
                  ii.   JACK KILLOUGH, b. 19**; m. Beverly Raft, b. 19**.  Occ.: ret. millwright.  Res. Rittman, OH.
                     I   CRYSTAL KILLOUGH
                     II   BOBBY KILLOUGH
                     III   MARK KILLOUGH
                     IV   JIMMY KILLOUGH
               c.   MARY BURDELLA KILLOUGH, b. 15 JUN 19**, Belle Center, Logan Co., OH; d. 04 NOV 19**, Wooster, Wayne Co., OH; m. 18 JUN 19**, Belle Center, Logan Co., OH, Guy Edward Benchoff.  Eleven ch.
                  i.   BETTY JEAN BENCHOFF, b. 23 NOV 19**, Belle Center, Logan Co., OH; m. 23 NOV 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co., OH, Harry Bechtel.
                     I   LINDA MAE BECHTEL
                     II   SHARON KEYE BUCHTEL
                     III   BECKEY SUE BECHTEL
                  ii.   GUY EDWARD BENCHOFF, Jr., b. 15 APR 19**, Belle Center, Logan Co., OH; m. Doylestown, Wayne Co., OH, Eula Smith; no ch.
                  iii.   LOIS JOY BENCHOFF, b. 14 NOV 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co., OH; m. Donald Neugebaur, b. 24 FEB 19**.
                     I   DONALD NEUGEBAUR
                     II   DAVID NEUGEBAUR
                     III   DENNIS NEUGEBAUR
                     IV   DOUGLAS NEUGEBAUR
                     V   DUANE NEUGEBAUR
                     VI   DAN NEUGEBAUR
                     VII   DALE NEUGEBAUR
                  iv.   VIRGINIA ANNE BENCHOFF, b. 05 AUG 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co. OH; m. (1) 24 FEB 19**, Merle Frase; div.; (2) Marvin Frase.
                     I   MARY ANNE FRASE
                     II   NANCY FRASE
                     III   RICHARD FRASE
                  v.   DONALD EARLE BENCHOFF, b. 16 MAY 19**; d. 15 MAR 19**.
                  vi.   EVELYN MARIE BENCHOFF, b. 14 MAY 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co., OH; m. Laverne Neugebaur.
                     I   DEBBIE NEUGEBAUR
                     II   VERNON JAY NEUGEBAUR
                     III   EDWARD NEUGEBAUR
                     IV   ANNE NEUGEBAUR
                  vii.   DALE ALLEN BENCHOFF, b. 23 DEC 19**; d. 19 AUG 19**; m. Janet Kramer.
                     I   MARY K. BENCHOFF
                     II   JODY BENCHOFF
                     III   DONALD BENCHOFF
                     IV   AMY JOY BENCHOFF
                  viii.   ROGER JAY BENCHOFF, b. 05 FEB 19**; m. Rosemary Gadell.
                     I   DAVID BENCHOFF
                     II   MARK BENCHOFF
                     III   ROGER JAY BENCHOFF, Jr.
                  ix.   KARL OWEN BENCHOFF, b. 12 JAN 19**; m. 01 JAN 19**, Katheryn Snyder.
                     I   KARL BENCHOFF
                     II   KIRK BENCHOFF
                  x.   MARILYN KAY BENCHOFF, b. 29 SEP 19**; m. 19 DEC 19**, Kenneth Zimmerly.
                     I   ROBERT ZIMMERLY
                     II   BRIAN ZIMMERLY
                     III   BRENDA ZIMMERLY
                  xi.   PATRICK BENCHOFF, b. 17 MAR 19**; m. 23 DEC 19**, Margaret Robinson.
                     I   MICHAEL PATRICK BENCHOFF
               d.   MARGARET MAE KILLOUGH, b. 19 JUL 19**, Hardin Co., OH; d. 04 JUL 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co., OH; m. Ira H. Steele, b. 23 SEP 19**, Sterling, Wayne Co., OH; d. 14 SEP 19**.
                  i.   RUTH STEELE, b. 24 JAN 19**; m. (1) 30 JUN 19**, Marion Bechtel, b. 21 OCT 19**; d. 15 MAR 19**; (2) 26 FEB 19**, Jack Schumaker, b. 27 FEB 19**; d. 14 MAR 19**.  Res. Rittman, OH.
                     I   HARVEY BECHTEL, b. 12 APR 19**; m. (1) 03 FEB 19**, Jane Moutchka, b. 13 MAY 19**; div.; (2) 05 NOV 19**, Connie Kowaleski, b. 10 JAN 19**.  Occ.: policeman.  Res. Doylestown, OH.
                        A   HEATHER BECHTEL, b. 10 FEB 19**; m. 19 JAN 19**, Lewis Wright III, b. 31 AUG 19**.  Res. Rincon, GA.
                        B   HOLLY BECHTEL, b. 13 OCT 19**.  Res. Okeechobee, FL.
                        C   Charity Kowaleski, stepdau., b. 02 FEB 19**.
                        D   TRAVIS BECHTEL, b. 18 JAN 19**.
                     II   BRUCE BECHTEL, b. 07  APR 19**; m. 22 JUL 19**, Jean Gearhart, b. 11 APR 19**.  Res. La Porte, TX.
                        A   ANDREA BECHTEL, b. 14 DEC 19**.
                        B   BRENT BECHTEL, b. 26 FEB 19**.
                     III   Ted Schumaker, stepson, b. 29 APR 19**; m. 05 MAR 19**, Melanie Clingerman, b. 31 DEC 19**; two sons.  Res. Kent, OH.
                     IV   Carolyn Schumacher, stepdau., b. 19 NOV 19**; m. 07  SEP 19**, Cary Metcalf, b. 06 SEP 19**; two ch.  Res. Rittman, OH.
                  ii.   RICHARD STEELE, b. 14 FEB 19**; m. 23 FEB 19**, Betty Rabatin, b. 05 AUG 19**.  Occ.: ret. millwright.  Res. Doylestown, OH.
                     I   MICHAEL STEEL, b. 06 JAN 19**; d. 22 JAN 19**.
                     II   JUDITH STEELE, b. 12 NOV 19**; m. 06 APR 19**, Michael Brandt, b. 29 MAY 19**; div.  Res. Sarasota, FL.
                        A   CASSANDRA MICHELLE BRANDT, b. 23 JUN 19**.
                        B   MICHAEL R. BRANDT, b. 14 JUN 19**.
                     III   CYNTHIA L. STEELE, b. 27 MAY 19**; m. 29 SEP 19**, Patrick Steele (legally changed name from Patrick McGonigle before marriage), b. 06 OCT 19**.  Res. Doylestown, OH.
                  iii.   RONALD STEELE, b. 13 FEB 19**; m. 31 MAR 19**, Janet Gwaltney, b. 20 DEC 19**.  Occ.: auto sales; she is a teacher.  Res. Rittman, OH.
                     I   JEFFREY STEELE, b. 10 APR 19**.  Res. Ashland, OH.
                     II   LISA E. STEELE, b. 20 APR 19**; m. 06 NOV 19**, Henry Braumbaugh.  Res. Copley, OH.
                     III   MINDY E. STEELE, b. 28 AUG 19**; m. (1) 10 JUL 19**, Mark Robinson; (2) 04 FEB 19**, Paul Struhsaker.  Res. Plano, TX.
                        A   JAMIE NICOLE ROBINSON, b. 24 AUG 19**.
                  iv.   SCOTT E. STEELE, b. 23 OCT 19**; m. 16 APR 19**, Rebecca Swaton.  Res. Rittman, OH.
                     I   SHAWN EDWARD STEELE, b. 10 OCT 19**.
                     II   JASON ALLEN STEELE, b. 16 AUG 19**.
               e.   GERTRUDE IONA KILLOUGH, b. 17 AUG 19**, Hardin Co., OH; d. 03 MAR 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co., OH; m. (1) Bert Widener; div.; (2) Lewis Stackhouse.
                  i.   VIOLA STACKHOUSE
                  ii.   JACK STACKHOUSE
                  iii.   LEWIS STACKHOUSE
                  iv.   DONNA JEAN STACKHOUSE; m. Jake Armentrout.
               f.   IRA EMERSON KILLOUGH, b. 04 MAR 19**; d. 13 JAN 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co., OH; m. (1) Opal Boyce; div.; (2) Elinor Lucas.
                  i.   ROGER RICK KILLOUGH, b. 12 NOV 19**; m. 04 SEP 19**, Suzette Okamura.  Occ.: salt company.  Res. Rittman, OH.
                     I   CANDY KILLOUGH 
                     II   JOSHUA KILLOUGH, b. 13 OCT 19**.
                  ii.   JERRY KILLOUGH, b. 30 MAY 19**; m. Connie Marty.  Occ.: paper mill.  Res. Rittman, OH.
                     I   MEGAN KILLOUGH
                     II   DANIEL KILLOUGH
               g.   LEONARD MERLE KILLOUGH, b. 27 FEB 19**; d. 22 NOV 19**, Rittman, Wayne Co., OH; m. 24 FEB 19**, Elgie Steele; b. 03 DEC 19**, Sterling, Wayne Co., OH.
                  i.   JAMES ARTHUR KILLOUGH, b. 26 AUG 19**, Sterling, Wayne Co., OH; m. (1) Evelyn Workman, b. 18 AUG 19**; div.; (2) 21 JAN 19**, Adeline K. Bateman, b. 11 JUN 19**, Akron, Summitt Co., OH.  Res. Three Rivers, MI.
                     I   GLENN WILLIAM KILLOUGH, b. 03 MAR 19**, Summitt Co., OH.  Res. San Diego, CA.
                     II   RENEE MARIE KILLOUGH, b. 28 DEC 19**, Rittman, Summitt Co., OH.  Res. Akron, OH.
                     III   LEONARD JAMES KILLOUGH, stillborn, 08   FEB 19**.
                     IV   CATHY ANN KILLOUGH, stillborn, 13 OCT 19**.
                     V   Linda Marie Bateman, stepdau., b. 28 AUG 19**; m. (1) Jim Finch; one son; div.; (2) 12 DEC 19**, Carl Harms, b. 28 OCT 19**; two sons.  Occ.: nurse.  Res. Lake Odessa, MI.
                     VI   Jimmy Glenn Bateman, stepson, b. 05 MAY 19**; m. 18 OCT 19**,  Cindy Grant, b. 16 MAY 19**; four ch.  Res. Orrville, OH.
                  ii.   DELBERT EUGENE KILLOUGH, b. 03 SEP 19**; m. 23 JUL 19**, Sandra Sue Geitgey, b. 08   FEB 19**.  Occ.: brick mfg.  Res. Rittman, OH.
                     I   LORI JEAN KILLOUGH, b. 02 JUL 19**; m. 07  MAY 19**, Roger Lee Polk, b. 25 JUN 19**.  Occ.: postal worker.  Res. Wadsworth, OH.
                        A   BRIANNE JYNELL POLK, b. 05 JUN 19**.
                        B   ALEX JAY POLK, b. 19 APR 19**.
                        C   CONNOR JON POLK, b. 27 AUG 19**.
                        D   DAYNA JEANNE POLK, b. 22 AUG 19**.
                     II   JON EUGENE KILLOUGH, b. 06 DEC 19**.  Res. Denver, CO.
                     III   KELLY SUE KILLOUGH, b. 15 MAR 19**; m. 10 OCT 19**, John Patrick Blanton, b. 15 JAN 19**.  Res. West Salem, OH.
                        A   MACKENZIE LEIGH BLANTON, b. 30 JUN 19**.
               h.   EVA MABEL KILLOUGH, b. 24 JUL 19**; d. 20 SEP 19**, Canton, Stark Co., OH; m. 31 MAR 19**, Arthur Shoup.
                  i.   KAREN SHOUP
                  ii.   TOMMY SHOUP
            8.   ROBERT B. KILLOUGH, b. 02 MAY 1880; d. 21 JAN 1891.
            9.   IRA NEWTON KILLOUGH, b. 17 OCT 1885; d. 02 AUG/JUL 19**, Lakeview, Logan Co., OH; m. 02 SEP 19**, Gladys J. McKinny, b. 06 Aug 1893; d. 02 FEB 19**.
               a.   ANNA KILLOUGH; m. F. Reginald Lowe.
         G.   MARY JANE KILLOUGH, b. 07  NOV 1833; d. 29 DEC 1868.
      II.   JOHN KELLOUGH, b. 27 JUL 1796; d. 04 MAR 1816.
      III.   ISABEL KELLOUGH, b. 13 JUN 1798; m. 14 DEC 1818, James A. Gadburey/Gadberry/Gadbury.  Ten ch. are listed with spelling varying as follows:
         A.   ALLEN GADBUREY, b. 29 JUN 1820.
         B.   MARGARET GADBURY, b. 10 APR 1823; d. 07  MAY 1823.
         C.   MARY ANN GADBUREY, b. 20 FEB 1825; d. 24 MAY 1844.
         D.   ELIZABETH GADBUREY, b. 31 MAR 1827.
         E.   WILLIAM S. GADBUREY, b. 22 APR 1830.
         F.   SAMUEL L. GADBERRY, b. 06 JUL 1832.
         G.   JAMES A. GADBERRY, b. 25 APR 1835.
         H.   ISABELLE GADBERRY, b. 11 APR 1838.
         I.   JOSEPH H. GADBERRY, b. 19 MAR 1840.
         J.   CALVIN GADBERRY, b. 18 FEB 1845; d. 20 FEB 1845.
      IV.   SAMUEL KILLOUGH, b. 18 OCT 1801, OH; m. (1) ___; (2) 11 JUN 1848, Ross Co., OH, Hester Foulke, his cousin, dau. of Aeneas/Enos Foulke and Mary Killough, b. 07  JAN 1820, OH; d. 28 AUG 19**.
         A.   JAMES KILLOUGH, b. 24 FEB 1828.
         B.   AENEAS A. KILLOUGH, b. DEC 1850; d. 21 MAR 1852.
         C.   FRANKLIN KILLOUGH, b. JAN 1853; d. 09 JAN 1861.
         D.   SIDNEY KILLOUGH, b. JAN 1853.
         E.   WILLIAM KILLOUGH, b. 1857.
      V.   MARGARET "PEGGY" KELLOUGH, b. 22 APR 1804; d. 09 FEB 1835; m. 03 MAR 1827, Dickerson Burt/Bert.
         A.   FRANCIS ATHMUS BURT, b. 10 JAN 1828.
         B.   CHRISTIAN A. PRUDENCE BURT, b. 09 JUL 1830.
      VI.   ALLAN KELLOUGH, Jr., b. 12 JUL 1807; d. 31 DEC 1814.
      VII.   ELIZABETH "Betsy"/"Betty" KELLOUGH, b. 20 SEP 1809; m. 12 MAY 1836, John Allemang.
      VIII.   MARY KELLOUGH, b. 30 NOV 1811; d. 07  JUL 1812.
      IX.   ANNE KELLOUGH/KELLOGH, b. 18 JUL 1813; m. 24 OCT 1833, John Beath.
      X.   JOHN KELLOUGH, son of Margaret.
      XI.   SARAH HOLMES KELLOUGH, dau. of Margaret.
   (ii)   REBECAH KILLOUGH (spelled "Killogh" in marriage records), b. 1772, PA; m. 20 OCT 1789, Bourbon Co., KY, William Maxwell.  Second child of JOHN and Margaret Parker KILLOUGH.
(c)   FRANCIS KELLOUGH "of Peters Twp.;" d. ca. 1786; m. Margaret Parker Killough, dau. of Richard Parker and Martha McClure, widow of his brother, JOHN KELLOUGH.  He was a farmer.  In 1785, Francis sold the family farm in Cumberland Co., PA, and moved to Washington Co., PA., on the western edge of the state, where he died a year later.  His family went on to settle in Bourbon Co., KY, where she is listed as a widow in the 1790 tax lists.  Her brother James was with her in Washington Co., PA, and later mentions her as Margaret Wilson in his will in Fayette Co., KY.  She was forted at Bryan's Station with her family to escape from the Indians.  Francis and his family followed the Covenanter form of the Presbyterian Church.  It was a stricter view of the Bible than was the other form of Presbyterianism.  Francis and Margaret had five children: James, John, Parker, Mary, Hannah, as well as raising John and Margaret's children, Allen and Rebecca.
   (i)   JAMES KELLOUGH, b. ca. 1779, PA; d. 1814, Preble Co., OH; m. (1) ___; (2) 1814, Bourbon Co., KY, Mary Allen Lecuse.
   (ii)   JOHN KELLOUGH, b. ca. 1780, Harrison Co., KY; d. 1830's Highland Co., OH; m. (1) 1803, Paris, Bourbon Co., KY, Sarah McCoy/McCrory, dau. of Alexander McCrory; d. 07  AUG 1805; (2) 1/5 MAY 1806, Ross Co., OH, Elizabeth "Betsy" McConnell, dau. of Alexander McConnell and Hannah Killough.  He was in Harrison County, KY, in 1800.  In 1815 they were members of the Rocky Springs Presb. Church, where their children were baptized.  The order of the children is not known or if Sarah was the mother of any of the five children:  John, Preston, Avelinah, Tillitha, Allen McConnell.
      I.   JOHN KELLOUGH, b. 27 OCT 1815/08 MAY 1819, Ross Co. OH; d. 2/8 MAY 1839, near Veedersberg, Fountain Co., IN; m. 12 JAN 1836, near Reeces' Mill, Highland Co., OH, Rebecca Pummell/Pummill, b. 10 APR 1816, near Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., VA., dau. of John Pummell/Pummill and Margaret Frantz (also written as Francis in some records); d. 15/16 MAR 19**, Mt. Sterling, Madison Co., OH; bur. Bethel Cem., Range Twp, Madison Co., OH.  They lived on Cave Road, near Barrett's Mill and the Rocky Springs Presb. Ch., in Highland Co.  After the early death of her husband, she and her two young children went to live with her parents near Bainbridge, Ross Co., OH.  Rebecca and her children, living with her parents, were listed as Keelers in the 1850 census of Ross County Village of South Salem.  In the 1860 Preble Co., OH, census, she and son John were still living with her parents.  Her daughter Mary Jane had already married by then.  It is said they made charcoal;  she was a tailoress.
         A.   JOHN WILLIAM KELLOUGH, b. 05 JUL 1839, Veedersburg, Fountain Co., IN; d. 30 APR 19**, IN.; m. (1) 05 JUN 1862, Chillicothe, Ross Co., OH, Asenath "Senath" Visonhaler Poole, dau. of Henry Poole and Mary Visonhaler, b. 06 APR 1841, Ross Co., OH; d. 29 AUG 19**, Mt. Sterling, Madison Co., OH; bur. Bethel Cem., Range Township, Madison Co., OH; eleven ch.; (2) Dora Gaskill, bur. Waterloo Cem., Fayette Co., OH.  During the Civil War, he volunteered with the 100 day men and served in the 149th OH Volunteer Inf.  He donated brick for Bethel Church, which is still standing.  Occ.: farmer, manufacturer of tile and brick.
            1.   MARIE ANTOINETTE "Maynie"/"Mannie" KELLOUGH, b. 28 JUL 1863; d. 27 FEB 19**; m. (1) 1884, New Holland, Pickaway Co., OH, Clayton Easter; (2) Will Dodridge; (3) Frank Bock.  She resided in the Columbus, OH, area, as do her descendants.
               a.   CLARENCE EASTER
               b.   BESSIE DODRIDGE
            2.   CHARLES CREIGHTON "Charley" KELLOUGH, b. 04 JAN 1865; d. 19**, Sedalia, Madison Co., OH; bur. Bethel Cem., Range Twp., Madison Co., OH; m. 1897, Danville, Knox Co., OH, Minnie Counts; no ch.  Occ.: teacher, land owner.  Resided Urbana, OH.
            3.   ANNA REBECCA "Annie" KELLOUGH, b. 11 SEP 1866, Huntington Twp., Ross Co., OH; d. 18 NOV 19**, Newkirk, Kay Co., OK; bur. Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co., OK; m. (1) 28 SEP 1882, Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH, John Adam Sollars, b. ca. 1859, OH; div. 26 JAN 1893; two ch. who lived to maturity; (2) 06 APR 19**, Indian Terr. (Okla.), George Gottlieb Wyss, b. 11 APR 1848, Gerzensee, Berne Canton, Switzerland; d. 18 OCT 19**; both bur. Masham Cem., near Pawnee, Pawnee Co., OK; one son who lived to maturity.  After her separation from John Sollars, she resumed her maiden name and took the necessary courses to qualify as a teacher and moved to Indian Territory.  She bought property in Skiatook, Indian Terr. (Tulsa Co., OK), and taught at Hillside Indian Mission.  In 19**, she sold her place and moved west to Pawnee Co., OK.  George Wyss had homesteaded in Pawnee Co., Indian Terr. (Okla.), in 1893.  His wife, Mary Edmonds, divorced him soon after and had frequent custody of their sons, Monford and Russell.  He probably met Anna while she was teaching at Mound Center where he lived.  He was 56 and she was 38 years old when they married in 19**.
               a.   JESSIE FREDERICK "Fred" SOLLARS, b. 25 JUN 1883, Mooresville (Moorefield, Harrison Co. ?), OH; d. 28 MAY 19**, Norman, Cleveland Co., OK; m. (1) 12 NOV 19**, Pawnee, Pawnee Co., OK, Eva May Austin, dau. of Wm. S. Austin and Cora Dixon, b. 13 APR 1887, Neosho, Newton Co., MO; d. 26 OCT 19**; both bur. Odd Fellows Cem. (now City Cem.), Morris, Okmulgee Co., OK; nine ch.; (2) 19**, Edna "Sal" Pinkham; one ch.  He lied about his age and participated in the Boxer Rebellion in 19**.  Resided in OH.
                  i.   JOHN WESLEY SOLLARS
                  ii.   ROBERT WILLIAM SOLLARS, b. 25 AUG 19**, Terlton, Pawnee Co., OK; d. 08   AUG 19**, Everett, Snohomish Co., WA; m. AUG 19**, Spokane, Spokane Co., WA, Amy Christina Fundin, b. 26 JUL 1899, Richland Co., ND.  Resided Merced, CA.
                     I   Donna Jean Fundin Sollars, stepdau., b. 17 JUN 19**, Spokane Co., WA; m. 01 MAR 19**, WA, Howard Peter Miskovich, b. 26 NOV 19**, Flat, Yukon-koyukuk Co., AK; d. 03 MAR 19**, Anchorage, Anchorage Co., AK.  Res. Fairbanks, AK.
                     II   EVA MAY SOLLARS, b. 27 JUN 19**, Spokane Co., WA; m. 23 SEP 19**, Everett, Snohomish Co., WA, James Earl McBride, b. 02 DEC 19**, Grove City, Mercer Co., PA.  Res. Atwater, CA.
                        A   SHARON KAY McBRIDE, b. 05 DEC 19**, Ft. Lawton, Seattle, King Co., WA; m. 03 JUN 19**, Clovis, Fresno Co., CA, Charles Richard Hutchinson, Jr., b. 14 AUG 19**.  Res. Clovis, CA.
                           1   MARGUERITE AMY HUTCHINSON, b. 20 SEP 19**, Fresno, Fresno Co., CA.
                           2   RACHEL ANAIS HUTCHINSON, b. 05 MAR 19**, Fresno, Fresno Co., CA.
                           3   SARAH KATHLEEN HUTCHINSON, b. 24 JAN 19**, Fresno, Fresno Co., CA.
                           4   REBECCA LYNN HUTCHINSON, b. 27 JAN 19**, Fresno, Fresno Co., CA.
                        B   JAMES ROBERT McBRIDE, b. 12 OCT 19**, Everett, Snohomish Co., WA.  Res. Mission Viejo, CA.
                        C   CHRISTINE ANN McBRIDE, b. 15 OCT 19**, Burke, Springfield Co., VA; m. 27 FEB 19**, Yosemite Nat'l Pk., Mariposa Co., CA, Ronald Charles Mecredy,, b. 07  APR 19**, Wilmington, New Castle Co., DE.  Res. Burke, VA.
                  iii.   ALBERT LYMAN SOLLARS, b. 25 JAN 19**, Jennings, Pawnee Co., OK; d. 08   FEB 19**; m. 19**, Bartlesville, Washington Co., OK, Mary Lona Reed.  Occ.: fishing and trapping.  Res. Sitka, AK.
                     I   BARTON SOLLARS; m. Carol ___.
                  iv.   AUSTIN KELLOUGH "Ted" SOLLARS, b. 09 JUL 19**, Bartlesville, Washington Co., OK; d. 14 JUN 19**, San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX; m. (1) Odessa ___, b. 01 DEC 19**; d. JAN 19**, San Angelo, TX; (2) Flora ___, b. 17 JAN 19**; d. 30 MAR 19**, San Angelo, TX.  Resided San Angelo, TX.
                     I   FRANCES HOAGLAND SOLLARS
                  v.   FREDDIE SOLLARS, b. 19**; d. at age six mos.; bur. City Cem., Morris, Okmulgee Co., OK.
                  vi.   THELMA CORRINE SOLLARS, b. 04 APR 19**, Nowata, Nowata Co., OK; d. 10 JUL 19**; m. 13 APR 19**, Okmulgee, Okmulgee Co., OK, Henry Sanford Grisham, b. 18 AUG 19**.  Resided Lake Charles, LA.
                     I   THELMA LOUISE GRISHAM, adopted; m. William Robert White.  Res. Lake Charles, LA.
                        A   ROBERT MARTIN WHITE, b. 03 APR 19**.
                  vii.   ESTHER MAY SOLLARS, b. 10 OCT 19**; d. 05 JUN 19**; m. (1) Gordon Trimble; dec.; (2) Andrew J. Austin; d. 01 NOV 19**.
                     I   LOIS TRIMBLE; m. Robert K. Valentine; no ch.  Res. Lakewood, CA.
                  viii.   MINNIE LUCILLE SOLLARS, b. 21 MAR 19**; m. Frank Jeffress Taylor, b. 19**, Ada, Pontotoc Co., OK.
                     I   PATRICIA ANN TAYLOR, b. 19 MAY 19**, Okla. City, Okla. Co., OK; m. 06 MAR 19**, John Robert Crouse, b. 08   AUG 19**, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.  Res. Aledo, TX.
                        A   SCOTT TAYLOR KERR
                  ix.   JOHN W. SOLLARS, b. 25 JUL 19**.  Occ.: hairstylist.  Res. Houston, TX.
                  x.   KEOTAH EVA MARIE SOLLARS, b. 15 JAN 19**, Morris, Okmulgee Co., OK; m. 24 DEC 19**, Lovington, Lea Co., NM, Harold Fannin, b. 04 APR 19**, Brown Co., TX; dec.  She res. Las Vegas, NV.
                     I   JOHN HAROLD FANNIN, b. 24 DEC 19**, Long Beach, L. A. Co., CA; single.  Occ.: school adm.  Res. South Bend, IN.
                  xi.   PERRY FRED SOLLARS, b. 20 AUG 19** (mother Edna); d. 02 AUG 19**; m. Norma Buel; d. 08   MAY 19**, Houston, Harris Co., TX; both bur. National Cem., Houston, TX.  Occ.: geologist.
                     I   FREDERICK B. SOLLARS; m. ___.  Res. Thibodaux, LA.
                        A   LAURA SOLLARS
                        B   SARA SOLLARS
               b.   MARY KATHERINE "Marie" SOLLARS, b. 25 DEC 1885, Mt. Sterling, Range Twp., Madison Co., OH; d. 12 JUL 19**; m. (1) 30 NOV 19**, Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK, Frank W. Buel, d. 19**; (2) 19**, A. T. Alison.  Frank's occ.: real estate.  Res. Tulsa, OK.  She was one of Tulsa's most prominent residents, identified with the growth of that city.
                  i.   IRENE BUEL, b. 19**; d. 19**, Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK; m. L. King Dickason; dec.
                     I   MARIE DICKASON; m. ___ Dysert.
                        A   ANN DYSERT, adopted.
                     II   L. KING DICKASON, Jr.
                        A   ___ (son)
               c.   LLOYD SOLLARS, b. 1886; d. 1887.
               d.   CHARLES KELLOUGH WYSS, b. AUG 19**; d. JUN 19**.
               e.   ARNOLD VINSONHALER WYSS, b. 06 AUG 19**; m. Jean Isabel Thoburn; dec.  Occ.: U. S. Army career, ret.; author.  Res. Luray, VA.
                  i.   CAROLYN ANN WYSS; m. Dick Markham.  Res. Sperryville, Va.
                     I   LESLIE ANN MARKHAM; m. ___.
                        A   SARAH ANN ___
                  ii.   MARY JEAN WYSS; m. ___ Gordon.  Res. Alexandria, Va.
            4.   NELLIE DUNN KELLOUGH, b. 20 FEB 1868, Ross Co., OH; d. 07  MAY 19**, London, Madison Co., OH; m. 03 SEP 1890, Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH, Isaac W. Dixon/Dixson, b. 13 APR 1865, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; d. 12 MAR 19**, Madison Co., OH; both bur. Bethel Cem., Range Twp., Madison Co., OH.  Resided on her father's farm in Madison Co., OH.
               a.   HELEN CLAY DIXON, b. 08   DEC 1891; d. 04 JUN 19**; m. Herschel Clay; dec.; both bur. Bethel Cem., Madison Co., OH; no ch.
               b.   ROBERT KELLOUGH DIXON; dec.; bur. Bethel Cem., Madison Co., OH.; m. Helen Fry; no ch.  She resides Springfield, OH.
               c.   DAISY MAY DIXON, b. 31 AUG 1893, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; d. 10 JUL 19**, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX; bur. Bethel Cem., Madison Co., OH; m. (1) 19**, Roy Dodd Bailey; dec.; bur. Liberty Ch. Cem., Martinsvile, Morgan Co., IN; (2) 19**, John R. Black; dec.; bur. Greencastle, Putnam Co., IN.
                  i.   JOHN DAVID BAILEY, b. 06 NOV 19**, Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN; m. (1) OCT 19**, Louisville, Jeff. Co, KY, Jean Walker; div. APR 19**; (2) 03 NOV 19**, Ft. Eustis, Newport News Co., VA, Willie Mae Robichaux, b. 05 FEB 19**, Baldwin, St. Mary Par., LA; d. 31 MAR 19**, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX; bur. Ft. Sam Houston National Cem., San Antonio, TX.  Occ.: U. S. Army Col., Ret.  Res. San Antonio, TX.
                     I   GLORIA JEAN BAILEY, b. 05 AUG 19**, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN; d. 31 MAR 19**, San Antonio, TX; bur. Ft. Sam Houston Cem., San Antonio, TX; m. (1) Bloomington, IN, Ronald Figg; div.; (2) Bloomington, IN, Larry Canada; div.; (3) Bloomington, IN, Aubrey Dooley.  Res. Willis, TX.
                        A   RICHARD SCOTT FIGG, b. 12 JAN 19**, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN; m. 09 FEB 19**, Bloomington, IN, Missy Baker.  Res. Bloomington, IN.
                           1   ZACHARY RICHARD FIGG, b. 12 JAN 19**, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN.
                           2   BROOKE ELIZABETH FIGG, b. 09 SEP 19**, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN.
                        B   MICHELLE JEANENE CANADA, b. 10 OCT 19**, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN; m. 14 JUL 19**, Bloomington, IN, Kirk Arthur Barrell.  Res. Houston, TX.
                           1   PEYTON ROBERT BARRELL, b. 15 NOV 19**, Houston, Harris Co., TX.
                           2   BAILEY ELIZABETH BARRELL, b. 10 AUG 19**, Houston, Harris Co., TX.
                     II   DEBORAH ANN BAILEY, b. 09 JAN 19**, San Juan, Puerto Rico; m. 12 JAN 19**, Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK, David Scott Cone; d. 22 NOV 19**, Madisonville, St. Tammany Par., LA; bur. Madisonville, LA.  Res. Madisonville, LA.
                        A   CRISTINA MICHELLE CONE, b. 26 SEP 19**, Okla. City, Okla. Co., OK.  Res. Madisonville, LA.
                        B   KATHERINE MARIE CONE, b 13 OCT 19**, Okla. City, Okla. Co., OK.  Res. Madisonville, LA.
            5.   SALLIE/SALLY CANDACE KELLOUGH, b. 23 JAN 1869; d. 30 JUL 19**, Springfield, Clark Co., OH; bur. Bethel Cem., Madison Co., OH; m. 1892, London, Madison Co., OH, Frank Leslie Rader.
               a.   VERNA RADER, b. 29 SEP 1893; d. 30 MAR 19**; m. ___ McDonnell.
                  i.   EILEEN McDONNELL; m. Henry ___; dec.  Res. Frankfurt, SD.
            6.   WILLIAM SAINT PATRICK KELLOUGH, b. 17 MAR 1870, Washington Court House, Madison Co., OH; d. 11/12 MAR 1897, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; bur. Bethel Cem., Range Twp., Madison Co., OH; m. 1896, Washington Court House, Madison Co, OH, Bertha Morain.  Occ.: physician.
               a.   ASENATH "Senath" KELLOUGH, b. 1896, Fayette Co., OH; d. 15 JUN 19**, Fayette Co., OH; m. Walter Thompson, d. 199_, Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH.  Resided Washington Court House, OH.
                  i.   JANE THOMPSON, b. 19**, Fayette Co., OH; m. 19**, Richard Rankin; dec.  Occ.: speaker, author, publisher, geologist.  Res. Washington Court House, OH.
                     I   THOMAS KELLOUGH RANKIN; m. Marlene ___; has ch.
                     II   JULIA JANE RANKIN; m. (1) Allen Richardson; (2) Alan Haines (?).  Her occ.: attorney.  Res. Falls Church, VA.
                        A   DAVID POST RICHARDSON
                        B   PETER WYATT RICHARDSON
                     III   DAVID RICHARD RANKIN
                     IV   SARA ASENATH RANKIN, single.
                  ii.   WILLIAM KELLOUGH THOMPSON, b. 19**, Fayette Co., OH; d. 22 SEP 19**, Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH; m. Rebecca Jane Ruley; dec.; both bur. St. Coleman Cem., Washington Court House, OH.  Occ.: harness business.  Res. Paint Twp., Fayette Co., OH.
                     I   ROBERT THOMPSON
                     II   MICHAEL THOMPSON
            7.   HENRY CLAUD "Claudie" KELLOUGH, b. 27 JAN 1872, Madison Co., OH; d. 28 NOV 1878.
            8.   infant, b. and d. 17 APR 1873.
            9.   JESSE PAUL ROSS KELLOUGH, b. 15/16/17 APR 1874, Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH; d. 19** near Washington Court House, OH; bur. Washington Court House, OH; m. 11 MAR 1897, Ivy/Iva J. Wood.  Resided Urbana, OH.
               a.   HAROLD KELLOUGH; m. Pauline ___.
                  i.   KERMIT L. KELLOUGH, b. 19**; m. Pansy ___.  Res. London, OH.
                  ii.   STEVE KELLOUGH
                  iii.   DON KELLOUGH
                  iv.   JO ANN KELLOUGH
                  v.   JACK KELLOUGH
            10.   CHRISTINA KATHARINE/KATHRYN "Kate" KELLOUGH, b. 20 SEP 1878, Madison Co., OH; d. 25/28 FEB 19**, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; bur. Bethel Cem., Madison Co., OH; m. 05 JUN 19** near Cook, OH, Howard Bryson Wissler, b. 28 SEP 1872, Bloomingburg, Fayette Co., OH; d. 11 JAN 19**, Fayette Co., OH.  Resided Washington Court House, OH.
               a.   LIDA GRACE WISSLER, b. 02 APR 19**, Fayette Co., OH; d. 15 MAR 19**; single.  Resided Washington Court House, OH.
               b.   WAYNE WISSLER, d. 22 MAY 19**; single.
            11.   ROBERT WALLACE "Ned" KELLOUGH, b. 02 MAR 1881; d. 03 APR 19**, Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK; m. 10 SEP 19**, Independence, Montgomery Co., KS, Ethel Booth.  Occ.: attorney.  Resided Tulsa, OK.
               a.   HELEN MARIE KELLOUGH
               b.   BOOTH KELLOUGH.  Occ.: attorney.  Res. Port Allen, LA.
         B.   MARY JANE KELLOUGH, b. 12 DEC 1836, Lawrence Co., OH; d. 31 AUG 19**, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; bur. Kirkwood Cem., London, Madison Co., OH; m. 12 FEB 1854, Samuel Perry McClean, b. 09 JUL 1824; d. ca. 1896; four ch.  His first wife was Judith Ellen Byrd, b. 01 SEP 1822; d. 09 OCT 1852; m. 10 APR 1845; two dau.
            1.   S. McCLean, stepdau. of Mary Jane.
            2.   Ellen McClean, stepdau. of Mary Jane.
            3.   EDITH McCLEAN; m. ___ Yates.  Resided Kansas City, MO.
            4.   JOHN D. McCLEAN.  Resided Peoria, IL.
            5.   JENNIE McCLEAN
            6.   SAMUEL McCLEAN.  A granddau. whose parents are not known was named Mrs. Raymond Feagans.  A great-granddau. was Mrs. Fannie Feagans.
      II.   PRESTON "Press" KILLOUGH; m. 1833, Mary Pummell/Pummill, b. 04 SEP 1811/1814, Shenandoah Co. VA; d. 21 FEB 1866, Potts Hill, Ross Co., OH; bur. Penniston Cem. near Bainbridge, Ross Co., OH.  She was the sister of Rebecca Pummell, wife of his brother John W. Killough.  He was administrator of his father's estate in the 1830's according to records found in Hillsboro, Fleming Co., KY.  Res. Potts Hill, near Bainbridge, OH.
         A.   WILSON KILLOUGH, b. 1842; d. 1892; m. Margaret Rhodes, b. 1844; d. 19**.
   (iii)   PARKER KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1782; d. 1824; m. 20 AUG 1807, Bainbridge, Ross Co., OH, Mary/Jane McCreary.  They had a son and nine daus., only one of which is known.  Parker was in Harrison Co., KY., in 1806.
      I.   MAHALIA KILLOUGH, b. 16 DEC 1815, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; d. 09 SEP 19**; m. 31 MAR 1835, Hillsboro, OH, John Houpt, b. 11 DEC 1810; d. 26 MAR 1895, Hillsboro, OH; one ch. known.
         A.   ELIZABETH ALMYRA HOUPT, b. 22 DEC 1836, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; d. 20 MAY 1865, Hillsboro, OH; m. 13 SEP 1855, James Willett, b. 20 FEB 1820, Hillsboro, OH; d. 16 OCT 19**, Vilisea (Villsca, Montgomery Co.?), IA.
            1.   MILLIE WILLETT, b. 30 APR 1858, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH; d. 06 JUN 19**, Berkley, Oakland Co., MI; m. 29 SEP 1881, Van Wert, Van Wert Co., OH, George Rice, b. 27 MAR 1857, Mercer Co., OH; d. 22 NOV 19**, Highland Park, Wayne Co., MI.
               a.   HELEN RICE, b. 09 AUG 1893, Van Wert, Van Wert Co., OH; m. SEP 19**, Dr. Edgar Morse Montgomery.  Res. Berkley, MI.
                  i.   GEORGE PAUL MONTGOMERY, b. 12 SEP 19**; m. 15 SEP 19**, Garden City, Nassau Co., Long Island, NY, Jacqueline Stuart Torney.  Res. Dallas, TX.
                     I   SUSAN MONTGOMERY, b. 22 SEP 19**.
                     II   PAUL STUART MONTGOMERY, b. 12 DEC 19**.
                  ii.   MYRA ELLEN MONTGOMERY, b. 12 MAR 19**; m. 14 JUN 19**, Robert Allen Oren, Jr.  Res. Fremont, MI.
                     I   CYNTHIA OREN, b. 06 NOV 19**.
                     II   SUSAN OREN, b. 06 MAR 19**.
                     III   ROBERT ALLEN OREN III, b. 10 AUG 19**.
                     IV   MATTHEW MONTGOMERY OREN, b. 17 JAN 19**.
                  iii.   ROBERT MORSE MONTGOMERY, b. 21 AUG 19**; m. 07  SEP 19**, Barbara Cornwall.  Res. Highland Park, MI.
   (iv)   MARY KELLOUGH, b. ca. 1783; m. 22 DEC 1806, Bainbridge, Ross Co., OH, Aeneas Faulke/Foulk, Jr., son of Aeneas and Mary Gest Faulke, b. 21 JUL 1766, Willington (Wilmington, New Castle Co.), DE.  He was a Welsh Quaker and the first merchant in Bainbridge in 1806.  Church records show Mary's name spelled with an "e".
      I.   MARGARET FAULKE; m. (1) James Hayes, b. 1808; (2) Benjamin Lamper, d. 1873, Saybrook, McLean Co., IL.
         A.   JOHN HAYES
         B.   GEORGE HAYES
         C.   MARY HAYES
         D.   ANN ELIZA HAYES
         F.   SAMUEL LAMPER
      II.   JANE FAULKE, d. young.
      III.   STEPHEN P. FOULKE, b. 02 FEB 1815; d. ca. 1880, MO; m. (1) 1835, Sebrina Clyborn, d. OH; two ch.; (2) 21 MAR 1872, Sarah E. Dillingham, b. 19 DEC 1839, NY; one ch.
         A.   LEWIS P. FAULKE, b. 03 MAR 1839, OH; d. 1865, Shreveport, LA, during the Civil War.
         B.   FRANCES SARAH FAULKE, b. 10 MAY 1841; m. 15 FEB 1865, Pettis Co., MO, Samuel W. McGuire.
            1.   CHARLES McGUIRE
            2.   ANNIE McGUIRE
            3.   BELLE McGUIRE
            4.   PETTIS McGUIRE
            5.   EDITH McGUIRE
         C.   MARY ETTA FAULKE, b. 28 FEB 1873.
      IV.   WILLIAM WILLIS FAULKE, d. young.
      V.   AENEAS FAULKE III, b. 1818; d. 1849, No. Platte River, en route to Oregon Territory.
      VI.   HESTER FOULKE, b. 07  JAN 1820; d. 28 AUG 19**; m. (1) 11 JUN 1848, Samuel Killough, her cousin, (possibly son of Parker Killough whose only son has not been identified), b. 18 NOV 1801; d. 27 JUN 1863; (2) 13 MAR 1866, Charles W. Brodess, b. 26 APR 1826; d. 15 APR 19**; first wife was Eliza Jane Pierce.
         A.   JAMES KILLOUGH, her stepson, son of Samuel by his first wife, b. 24 FEB 1828.
         B.   AENEAS A. KILLOUGH, b. DEC 1850; d. 21 MAR 1852.
         C.   FRANKLIN KILLOUGH, b. JAN 1853; d. 09 JAN 1861.
         D.   SIDNEY KILLOUGH, b. JAN 1853.
         E.   WILLIAM KILLOUGH, b. 1857.
      VII.   MARY ANN FAULKE, b. 1821; m. 1851, Thomas J. Keene.
         A.   ALICE KEENE; m. H. L. Farr.
            1.   WILLIAM KEENE, b. 187_, IL.
            2.   MAUDE KEENE, b. 187_, IL.
         B.   MEDORA S. KEENE, b. 11 AUG 1855, Blackwater, DeHis Co., MO; d. 09 OCT 1859, Blackwater, MO.
         C.   LAFAYETTE T. KEENE
         D.   MARY L. KEENE, b. 1859, Johnson Co., MO.
         E.   CHARLES KEENE, b. 1860; d. 1866, MO.
   (v)   HANNAH KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1784; m. 1815, Bourbon Co., KY, Archibald Woods, d. 08   JAN 1815.
(d)   ALLEN KILLOUGH, Jr., d. prior to MAY 1784; m. ca. 1745, Mary Herron, whose family came to America in 1734 and settled in Pequea, Lancaster County, PA.  Resided in Washington Co., MD.
(e)   ELIZABETH "Eliza" KILLOUGH; m. Robert Edmiston.  They were in Bourbon Co., KY., in 1789.
(f)   REBEKAH KILLOUGH; m. Robert Smith of Peters Twp., Franklin Co., PA.
(g)   HANNAH KILLOUGH; m. 14 MAR 1771, Mercersburg, Franklin Co., PA, Alexander McConnell.  They were in Lexington, Fayette Co., KY, in 1780, in Bourbon Co., KY, in 1789, and in Scott Co., KY, later.
   (i)   HANNAH McCONNELL, b. ca. 1780; d. 26 FEB 1846; m. 26 MAR 1799, Lexington, Fayette Co., KY, John Wallace, b. ca. 1756; d. 17 FEB 1832.  He left Londonderry, Ire., about 06 JUL 1786 and landed in Philadelphia 20 SEP 1786.  They settled in Buckskin Twp., Ross Co., OH.  Twelve ch.: James, Elizabeth, Alexander, Mary, Hannah, John, Frances, Robert, Isabella, Jane, Margaret, Nancy.
      I.   JAMES WALLACE, b. 26 APR 1800, KY; d. Marion, Linn Co., IA; m. 06 OCT 1825, Hannah Edmiston, b. 10 FEB 1802.  They moved from Ross Co., OH, to Marion, IA, in Sept. 1848.
         A.   ELIZABETH MARY WALLACE, b. 06 SEP 1826, Ross Co., OH; d. 30 OCT 1850, Marion, Linn Co., IA; m. 03 AUG 1840, Frederick Welshimer.
            1.   HANNAH WELSHIMER, d. at age one.
         B.   HANNAH JANE WALLACE, b. 13 SEP 1828, Ross Co., OH; d. 06 NOV 19**; m. John B. Ives, b. CT.  One son known.
            1.   JAMES E. IVES, b. 1846.
         C.   JOHN CALVIN WALLACE, b. 21 FEB 1831, Ross Co., OH; d. 09 NOV 19**, Marion, Linn Co., IA; m. Sarah Jane Ferreby, dau. of John Ferreby and Sarah Copeland, both born in Eng., b. 08   MAR 1836; d. 18 DEC 19**; bur. Marion, IA.
            1.   CHARLES H. WALLACE, b. 1865; d. 30 AUG 19**, Marion, Linn Co., IA; m. Sofia Herrick, d. before Charles; both bur. El Paso, El Paso Co., TX.
               a.   ETHEL WALLACE, b. 07  DEC 1889; m. Harrold A. Dean; no ch.
               b.   ARTHUR WALLACE; single.
         D.   DAVID RICE WALLACE, b. 03 NOV 1833, Ross Co., OH; d. 08   APR 19**, Marion, Linn Co., IA; m. 28 NOV 1877, Elsie Hayzlett, dau. of William Hayzlett and Elizabeth Williams, b. 26 FEB 1853, Mt. Vernon, Linn Co., IA; d. 01 NOV 19**, Marion, IA.
            1.   CARL DONALD WALLACE, b. 13 NOV 1883; d. 28 AUG 19**, Marion, Linn Co., IA; m. 07  FEB 19**, Bessie Howe, d. 12 AUG 19**.
               a.   DONALD R. WALLACE, b. 20 JUN 19**; d. 06 AUG 19**; m. 14 JUN 19**/19**, Ruth Windhurst, b. 08   APR 19**; d. 26 FEB 19**; both bur. Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA.
                  i.   DONNA RAE WALLACE, b. 18 MAY 19**, New Hampton, Chickasaw Co., IA; m. 19 APR 19**, FL, James Frost, b. 19 NOV 19**; no ch.
               b.   ALICE ELIZABETH WALLACE, b. 18 MAY 19**, Marion, Linn Co., IA; single.
         E.   MARTHA EMILY WALLACE, b. 24 MAY 1836, Ross Co., OH; d. 01 OCT 19**; m. 14 NOV 1861, William Galloway Erwin, b. 18 OCT 1832, Wayne, Wood Co., OH; d. 21 APR 19**.
         F.   JAMES HENRY WALLACE, b. 01 JAN 1840, Ross Co., OH; d. 09 SEP 1863, in Washington Hospital (Washington College, Limestone Co.?), TN; bur. Oak Shade Cem., Marion, Linn Co., IA.  Enlisted in Company H, 20th Iowa Infantry in the Civil War; single.
      II.   ELIZABETH "Betsy" WALLACE, b. 05 SEP 1801, Ross Co., OH; d. 27 MAY 1829, Ross Co., OH; m. 07  OCT 1820, Ross Co., OH, Augustus Frederick Parrett, son of Frederick Parrett and Elizabeth Keller, b. 1792, Shenandoah, Page Co., VA; d. 1865, St. Joseph, Champaign Co., IL.  Four ch.
         A.   JOHN PARRETT, b. ca. 1822; d. 1893; m. Sophia Cochran, b. 04 JUL 1831; d. AUG 19**; nine ch.
         B.   ELIZA PARRETT; m. (1) George Caily; three ch.; (2) David Clouser; four ch.
         C.   HANNAH PARRETT, b. ca. 1826; m. Robert Sutherland; one ch.
         D.   FREDERICK ALEXANDER PARRETT; m. (1) ___ Grove; four ch.; (2) Eliza Smalley; three ch.
      III.   ALEXANDER WALLACE, b. 01 MAY 1803; d. 09 SEP 1828.
      IV.   MARY WALLACE, b. 03 APR 1804, Ross Co., OH; d. 09 SEP 1836, Ross Co., OH; m. 10 APR 1827, Isaac Evans, b. 03 DEC 1789, Paris, Bourbon Co., KY; d. 19 FEB 1875, Ross Co., OH.  He married Jane P. Morton in 1812 and Jane Peoples in 1837.
         A.   MARY JANE EVANS; m. 01 JUN 1848, William McClung.
         C.   MARCUS WARREN EVANS, b. 10 JUN 1831, Ross Co., OH; d. DEC 19**; m. (1) 05 MAR 1855, Sarah Jane McClung, d. 30 JAN 1862; two ch.; (2) 09 DEC 1863, Martha Ann Scott, d. 06 JUL 1876; two ch.; (3) 30 JAN 1879, Mary Emma Gilman; d. 27 MAR 19**; one ch.
            1.   WILLIAM McCLUNG EVANS, b. 10 JAN 1865, Ross Co., OH; d. 29 MAR 19**; m. 09 OCT 1883, Laura West, b. 16 APR 1860; d. 30 NOV 19**.  Occ.: minister.
               a.   HAZEL EVANS, b. 01 JUL 1886, Manchester, Delaware Co., IA; d. 19**.
               b.   LULU WEST EVANS, b. 17 NOV 1887, Manchester, Delaware Co., IA; d. 19**; m. 20 JUL 19**, Arthur Peterson; div. 19**.
                  i.   JANE EVANS PETERSON, b. 18 SEP 19**, Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA; m. 20 JUN 19**, Warren K. Martin, b. 09 JUN 19**.  Occ.: minister.
                     I   MARY MARTIN, b. 23 JUN 19**.
                     II   WILLIAM WARREN MARTIN, b. 13 AUG 19**.
                     III   LULU ROSE MARTIN, b. 16 JUL 19**.
               c.   WILLA McCLUNG EVANS, b. 16 OCT 1899, Estherville, Emmett Co., IA.
            2.   MARY FRANCES EVANS, b. 10 MAY 1859.
            3.   WARREN SCOTT EVANS, b. 09 DEC 1863.
            4.   LULU MATILDA EVANS, b. 01 SEP 1867.
            5.   HUGH WALLACE EVANS, b. 20 DEC 1880.
         E.   FRANCES AMANDA EVANS; m. Jack West.
      V.   HANNAH WALLACE, b. 15 OCT 1805; d. KS; m. 02 JAN 1823, David Harper, d. 1851.  In 1846, they moved from Fayette Co., OH, to Kossuth, IA.  Hannah remained there for a number of years and then moved to KS with a dau.  Eight ch.
         A.   JOHN HARPER; m. Nancy Coyner.  Resided near Rome, IA.
         B.   JAMES HARPER; single.  Resided in Independence, KS.
         C.   MARY HARPER; d. 1852; m. H. D. Ware.
         D.   JANE HARPER; d. 1885; m. Hiram Messenger.
         E.   CYNTHIA HARPER; m. John Fernow.  Resided St. Paul, NE.
         F.   CAROLINE HARPER; m. John Haughy.
         G.   HANNAH HARPER; m. ___ Crocker and went west.
         H.   FANNY HARPER; m. James Vaugh.  Resided Garnett, KS.
      VI.   JOHN WALLACE, b. 24 JAN 1807, Ross Co., OH; d. 27 JUN 1888; m. 10 JAN 1855, Martha Adair, b. 27 SEP 1820; d. 01 MAY 1893.  Eight ch.:  John, James, Robert, Margaret, ?, Infant son, William.
         A.   JOHN ALEXANDER WALLACE, b. 15 JUN 1856; d. 22 JAN 1861.
         B.   JAMES SAMUEL WALLACE, b. 10 JUL 1857; d. 08   AUG 1857.
         C.   ROBERT GEORGE WALLACE, b. 08   JAN 1859, Ross Co., OH; d. 19 AUG 19**; m. (1) 18 OCT 1883, Lillia Belle Kerr, b. 25 MAY 1861; d. 06 MAR 1891; two ch.; (2) 24 NOV 1893, Sarah Catherine Kerns, b. 07  JAN 1856; d. 06 OCT 19**; six ch.
            1.   LULU BLANCHE WALLACE, b. 21 JUL 1844; d. 09 JUN 1890.
            2.   ROY KERR WALLACE, b. 10 APR 1890, Ross Co., OH; d. 09 OCT 19**, Highland Co., OH; m. 30 MAY 19**, Lille Dale Stickley, b. 02 OCT 1890; d. 01 DEC 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH.
               a.   DOROTHY MAE WALLACE, b. 30 APR 19**; d. 13 JAN 19**; m. 09 JUN 19**, William C. Posey, b. 25 FEB 19**; d. 08   MAR 19**, Springfield, Clark Co., OH.
                  i.   WILLIAM EUGENE POSEY, b. 25 APR 19**, Ross Co., OH; d. 20 AUG 19**; bur. Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH; m. 27 AUG 19**, Nancy Lougene Lakins.
                     I   TERRY WAYNE POSEY, b. 09 NOV 19**.
                     II   JANET ELAINE POSEY, b. 31 DEC 19**.
                     III   DAVID EUGENE POSEY, b. 31 DEC 19**.
                     IV   PEGGY LOUGENE POSEY, b. 02 JAN 19**.
                  ii.   ELEANOR JOANNE POSEY, b. 13 FEB 19**, Highland Co., OH; m. (1) 20 JUN 19**, Kenneth Leroy Dick; div.; (2) John Davis; div.; (3) Ralph Ives; dec.; (4) Donald Sandy.
                     I   STEVEN KENNETH DICK, twin, b. 18 DEC 19**.
                     II   CHERYL ANN DICK, twin, b. 18 DEC 19**.
                     III   ELETTA GAY DAVIS, b. 03 SEP 19**.
                     IV   LISA DARLENE DAVIS, b. 22 DEC 19**.
                     V   NORMA MICHELLE IVES, b. 27 AUG 19**.
                     VI   MELISSA MARIE SANDY, b. 10 JAN 19**.
                  iii.   JOHN THOMAS POSEY, b. 02 SEP 19**; m. (1) 25 JUN 19**, JoAnn Studebaker; div. 19**; (2) Dona Sue Cozad; div.; (3) Betty ___.
                     I   RICHARD SCOTT POSEY, b. 26 DEC 19**.
                     II   DOUGLAS JON POSEY, b. 07  NOV 19**.
                  iv.   LARRY DALE POSEY, b. 07  OCT 19**; m. (1) 06 AUG 19**, Lucille Graves; div.; (2) Ruby ___; div.; (3) Susan Kay Vorhees; div.
                     I   LORI POSEY, b. 19**.
                     II   JODI POSEY, b. 19**.
               b.   BERTYLY STICKLEY WALLACE, b. 22 FEB 19**; d. 01 JUL 19**; m. (1) 25 JUN 19**, Thelma Crago; div. OCT 19**; (2) NOV 19**, Ruth Silver Cox.
                  i.   DIXIE CAROL WALLACE, b. 08   DEC 19**, Ross Co., OH; m. 23 JUN 19**, Owen Farrell Putnam, Jr., b. 24 AUG 19**.
                     I   DOAK ALLEN PUTNAM, b. 21 MAR 19**.
                     II   DELORES ANNETTE PUTNAM, b. 24 AUG 19**.
                     III   DEBORAH L. PUTNAM, b. 24 APR 19**.
               c.   UBERTO WAYNE WALLACE, b. 08   FEB 19**, Ross Co., OH; d. 12 JAN 19**, Pasadena, L. A. Co., CA; m. 03 AUG 19**, Margaret L. Schockley, b. 30 MAY 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH.
                  i.   SHARON ELAINE WALLACE, b. 09 APR 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. 14 FEB 19**, John Richard Jackson, b. 19 AUG 19**.
                     I   KIMBERLY LYNN JACKSON, b. 12 AUG 19**.
               d.   CECIL KERR WALLACE, b. 19 SEP 19**, Ross Co., OH; d. 27 AUG 19**; bur. Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; m. 29 SEP 19**, Leona Althouse, b. 06 NOV 19**.
                  i.   SANDRA JEAN WALLACE, b. 13 JUL 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. 03 APR 19**, Martin Andrew Herf, b. 20 MAY 19**.
                     I   LORA ANN HERF, b. 03 FEB 19**.
                     II   AMY SUE HERF, b. 09 JUL 19**.
                     III   ANDREW WALLACE HERF, b. 16 OCT 19**.
                  ii.   JAMES FRANKLIN WALLACE, b. 24 AUG 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. 26 SEP 19**, Mary Kathryn Harp, b. 11 JAN 19**.
                     I   JAMES FRANKLIN WALLACE, b. 15 MAY 19**.
                     II   MATTHEW WILLIAM WALLACE, b. 15 JUL 19**.
                     III   ROBERT SCOTT WALLACE, b. 02 APR 19**.
                  iii.   KATHY ELLEN WALLACE, b. 24 NOV 19**, Franklin Co., OH; m. (1) Robert Williams; div.; (2) 04 APR 19**, Thomas Gall, b. 26 AUG 19**.
                     I   SARAH ANN WILLIAMS, b. 29 AUG 19**.
                     II   BROOKE ERIN WILLIAMS, b. 01 DEC 19**.
                     III   PRESTON THOMAS GALL, b. 25 FEB 19**.
               e.   ROBERT HAROLD WALLACE, b. 28 SEP 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. 31 AUG 19**, Waneta M. Baxla, b. 17 MAY 19**, Xenia, Green Co., OH.
                  i.   TILDA LORRAINE WALLACE, b. 05 APR 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. 10 OCT 19**, Timothy Earl Grow, b. 13 JAN 19**.
                     I   TIMOTHY EARL GROW, Jr., b. 15 DEC 19**.
                  ii.   OLIVIA SUE WALLACE, b. 28 JUN 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; d. 01 JUN 19**, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., FL; m. SEP 19**, Jerry L. Ballentine, b. 19**.
                     I   JAMIE LYNN BALLENTINE, twin, b. 31 JUL 19**.
                     II   JOHNNIE ROBERT BALLENTINE, twin, b. 31 JUL 19**.
                  iii.   ROBERT JENNINGS WALLACE, b. 07  AUG 19**.
                  iv.   CURT LANE WALLACE, b. 07  JAN 19**.
               f.   VICTOR DALE WALLACE, b. 20 JAN 19**, Ross Co., OH; d. 29 SEP 19**, Chicago, Cook Co., IL; m. (1) 16 DEC 19**, Helen Groves; div.; (2) Gloria Jeanne Bangert; div.; (3) OCT 19**, Glenna Stratton; div.
                  i.   VICTOR DALE WALLACE, Jr., b. 21 JUL 19**.
                     I   VICTOR DALE WALLACE III
                     II   SONNY WALLACE
                     III   LUCKY WALLACE
                  ii.   STEVEN ALLEN WALLACE, b. 02 MAR 19**; m. Katherine Anita ___.
                     I   STEVEN ALLEN WALLACE, Jr.
                     II   ANITA MARIE WALLACE
                  iii.   DIANA LYNN WALLACE, b. 09 MAY 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. 15 MAR 19**, Charles L. Barger, b. 27 MAR 19**.
                     I   Annette Barger, stepdau., b. 03 NOV 19**.
                     II   GINNY BARGER, b. 01 AUG 19**.
               g.   KENNETH ROYAL WALLACE, b. 07  JUL 19**, Ross Co., OH; m. 24 SEP 19**, Joanne Greenlee, b. 10 OCT 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH.
                  i.   MARTHA JANE WALLACE, b. 22 JUN 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. (1) Gary Lee Whitten; div. 19**; (2) 07  JUN 19**, Ronald Lewis Vann, b. 28 OCT 19**.
                     I   TONY LEE WHITTEN, b. 14 AUG 19**.
                     II   BRAD ALAN WHITTEN, b. 21 FEB 19**.
                  ii.   BEVERLY RUTH WALLACE, b. 02 MAY 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. (1) 13 MAR 19**, Jimmy E. Barnhart; div. 19**; (2) 20 APR 19**, Franklin D. McCray; div. 19**.
                     I   MARK EDWARD BARNHART, b. 20 APR 19**.
                     II   REBECCA SUE McCRAY, b. 12 MAY 19**.
                  iii.   FAYE ARLENE WALLACE, b. 24 JUL 19**, Greenfield, Highland Co., OH; m. (1) Gerald F. Baylous, Jr.; div.; (2) 03 AUG 19**, Keith Eugene Karshner, b. 02 AUG 19**.
                     I   Timothy Michael Karshner, stepson, b. 06 JAN 19**.
                     II   Angela Kay Karshner, stepdau., b. 29 DEC 19**.
               h.   LOWELL ELWOOD WALLACE, b. 08   JUN 19**, Ross Co., OH; m. (1) 09 OCT 19**, Norma Jean Maxwell; div. 19**; (2) MAR 19**, Peggy Martin Snyder.
                  i.   LINDA KAY WALLACE, b. 08   MAY 19**, Xenia, Greene Co., OH; m. 07  FEB 19**, Timothy E. Paxton, b. 09 DEC 19**, Xenia, OH.
                     I   CHRISTOPHER LEE PAXTON, b. 27 AUG 19**.
                     II   AMIELYNN NICOLE PAXTON, b. 02 AUG 19**.
                  ii.   GARY LEE WALLACE, b. 08   SEP 19**, Greene Co., OH; m. (1) Janis Leigh Dill; div.; (2) Kelly Eileen McLean, b. 27 DEC 19**.
                     I   TIFFANY MICHELLE WALLACE, b. 01 JUL 19**.
                     II   Caroline Amanda Humbert, stepdau., b. 15 OCT 19**.
                     III   JUSTIN KEITH WALLACE, b. 24 OCT 19**.
                  iii.   KIMBERLY SUE WALLACE, b. 27 APR 19**, Xenia, Greene Co., OH; m. AUG 19**, Terry Gene Burris, b. 25 NOV 19**.
                     I   BRIAN JASON BURRIS, b. OCT 19**.
            3.   Infant dau., b. and d. 27 JAN 1895.
            4.   MARGARET RUTH WALLACE; b. 27 DEC 1896; d. 26 JUL 1897.
            5.   MARY MARTHA WALLACE, b. 09 JUL 1899; d. 24 JUN 19**; bur. Xenia, Greene Co., OH; m. (1) 04 JUN 19**, Charles "Wood" Purdum, b. 13 NOV 1898; d. 21 JUL 19**; (2) 01 OCT 19**, David L. Purdom, b. 11 MAR 1899; d. 28 MAR 19**.
            6.   FLORENCE MABEL WALLACE, b. 25 MAR 19**; d. 09 JUN 19**; m. 18 JUN 19**, Frederick B. Fox, b. 28 DEC 19**; d. 16 JUN 19**.
         D.   MARGARET ANNE WALLACE, twin, b. 09 JUN 1859; d. 27 JAN 19**.
         E.   ROBERT GEORGE WALLACE, twin, b. 09 JUN 1859; single.
         F.   Infant son, b. and d. 09 SEP 1860.
         G.   SARAH FRANCES "Sadie" WALLACE, b. 13 SEP 1861; d. 01 MAR 1884.
         H.   WILLIAM HENRY WALLACE, b. 01 NOV 1864; d. 17 FEB 1867.
      VII.   FRANCES "Fannie" WALLACE, b. 08   JUL 1808; d. 30 NOV 1881; m. 20 AUG 1857, Robert Coyner, b. 15 JUL 1794; d. 27 JUL 1874.  He was a soldier in the War of 1812.  His first wives were Martha ___ and Martha Edmiston.  He came to Ross Co., OH, from Augusta Co., VA.
      VIII.   ROBERT WALLACE, b. FEB 1810; d. 18 FEB 1850.  Resided So. Salem, OH.
      IX.   ISABELLA WALLACE, b. 25 MAR 1812; d. after 1877; m. (1) 26 APR 1832, James Zimmerman; d. 02 OCT 1835, Hardin Co., OH; (2) John H. Henry, b. 30 MAR 1811, Urbana, Champaign Co., OH; d. 03 SEP 1872.  Occ.: physician.  They went to Elkhart, IN, in 1840.
         A.   ___ ZIMMERMAN
         B.   JAMES ZIMMERMAN, b. 1834.
         C.   David H. Henry, stepson, b. ca. 1838.  Occ.: physician.  Resided Chickasaw Co., IA.
         D.   SARAH JANE HENRY; m. ___ Tucker.
         E.   JOHN W. HENRY, b. ca. 1844.
         F.   PATRICK HENRY, b. ca. 1853.
      X.   JANE WALLACE, b. 27 FEB 1814; d. 15 MAR 1863; m. 10 NOV 1834, Robert B. Braden, b. 06 MAR 1810; d. ca. 19**, Elkhart, Elkhart Co., IN.  They moved to Elkhart in 1844.  He later married Margaret Broderick.  Occ.: blacksmith.
         A.   ROBERT P. BRADEN; m. 07  DEC 1877, Amanda Priper.
         B.   JAMES D. BRADEN, b. 27 APR 1839, Hardin Co., OH; m. 1867, Almeda Brown.  He enlisted in Co. C, Ninth Ind. Inf.  By 1884 he had been made major of his regiment.  He participated in the battles of Shiloh, Stone River, Chickamauga, Perrysville and the Atlanta campaign with Sherman, was wounded at Stone River and carried the minnie ball in his body until his death.  Occ.: blacksmith.
            1.   HARRY M. BRADEN
            2.   EDITH BRADEN
            3.   JESSIE BRADEN
            4.   KATIE BRADEN
            5.   GRACE BRADEN
            6.   CHARLES BRADEN
         C.   SCOTT BRADEN
         D.   BELLE BRADEN, b. ca. 1842; m. 02 JUL 1863, Ellis Ludlow; d. ca. 1879; five ch.  Resided Elkhart, IN.
      XI.   MARGARET HAMILTON WALLACE, b. 22 NOV 1815; d. 22 FEB 1873; m. 11 JAN 1844, John McArthur, b. 20 DEC 1816, Ross Co., OH; d. 19 SEP 1863, Hardin Co., OH.  Four ch.
         A.   MARY JANE McARTHUR, b. ca. 1845, Hardin Co., OH; m. 17 FEB 1874, Eli Wolfe, b. ca. 1841.
            1.   EDWIN LESLIE WOLFE, b. 02 MAY 1876, Hardin Co., OH; d. 26 MAR 19**; bur. U. S. Military Cem., Manila; m. 16 JUN 19**, Carrie Austin, b. 19 SEP 1880; d. ca. 19**.  They went to the Philippines as missionaries in 19**.
               a.   EDITH WILLEFRED WOLFE, b. MAY 19**; m. 19**, Benjamin Allison.  They were missionaries.
                  i.   JIMMIE ALLISON, b. APR 19**; d. 19**.
               b.   MARY ELEANOR WOLFE, b. JAN 19**; m. 19**, Robert Hanson.  Occ.: missionaries.
               c.   CATHERINE FRANCES WOLFE, b. JUN 19**.
               d.   LESLIE WOLFE, b. JAN 19**.
            2.   ORA C. WOLFE, b. ca. 1878; m. James Cooper.  Resided Ames, IA.
               a.   KEITH COOPER
         B.   FRANCES WALLACE "Fanny" McARTHUR, b. 1848; d. 19**; m. 28 JAN 1869, Robert Reed, b. 17 APR 1845; d. 14 DEC 19**, Hardin Co., OH.  Three ch.: John, Joseph, Margaret.
            1.   JOHN McARTHUR REED, b. 14 OCT 1872; d. 16 DEC 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. Martha Jane Wilcox, b. 1878; d. 11 APR 19**.
               a.   EFFIE MARGARET REED, b. 21 FEB 19**; d. 20 OCT 19**; single.
               b.   JOSEPH EDWARD REED, b. 19**; d. 25 FEB 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. Marguerite Lowery, b. 19**; d. 19**.
                  i.   JOHN DELMAR REED, b. 16 NOV 19**; d. 27 OCT 19**; single.  Occ.: physician.
               c.   MARTHA FRANCES REED, b. 12 DEC 19**; m. Howard T. Cox, b. 10 JAN 19**; d. 07  MAR 19**.
                  i.   ROBERT EUGENE COX
                  ii.   JAMES HOWARD COX
                  iii.   MARGARET MAXINE COX; m. Harold A. Badertscher.
                  iv.   ALLEN REED COX; m. Marsha ___.
                     I   ERIN COX
               d.   ROBERT G. REED, b. 22 JAN 19**; d. 13 MAR 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. 05 OCT 19**, Eva M. Campbell, b. 29 JAN 19**.
                  i.   JANE REED; m. Don Ley.
                  ii.   ROBERT G. REED, Jr.
                  iii.   JOHN REED
                  iv.   JOSEPH REED
            2.   JOSEPH ALEXANDER REED, b. 1875; d. 26 FEB 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. 19**, Mary Catherine Greentree, b. 1886; d. 13 OCT 19**.
               a.   CLARA REED; d. 11 FEB 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. Robert L. Radway, b. 10 DEC 19**; d. 20 MAY 19**.
                  i.   STEPHEN RADWAY
                  ii.   ROBERT L. RADWAY, Jr.
               b.   ADA PAULINE REED, b. 14 AUG 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. Edward LeRoy Lenhart, b. 21 MAR 19**; d. 26 JUL 19**.
                  i.   ALLEN LENHART
                  ii.   dau.
               c.   JOSEPH McARTHUR REED, b. 08   DEC 19**; d. 17 JAN 19**, Hardin Co., OH.
            3.   MARGARET M. REED, b. 1877; d. 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. John W. Ward, b. 1855; d. 19**; no ch.
         C.   DAVID R. McARTHUR, b. 09 DEC 1849, Hardin Co., OH; d. 10 MAY 19**; m. 28 DEC 1875, Elizabeth Clark, b. 08   AUG 1855, Perry Co., OH; d. 12 MAR 19**, Hardin Co., OH.
            1.   MARY LOUISE McARTHUR, b. 09 OCT 1876, Hardin Co., OH.; d. 08   OCT 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. 21 APR 1899, John Anstine, b. 13 JAN 1873; d. 26 JUL 19**, Hardin Co., OH.
               a.   DANIEL McARTHUR "Mac" ANSTINE, b. 23 JAN 1898; d. 23 DEC 19**; m. 10 OCT 19**, Mae Drake, b. 15 JUN 1898; d. 23 DEC 19**.
                  i.   JOHN McARTHUR ANSTINE, b. 31 JUL 19**; dec.; m. Joan Arn, b. 24 DEC 19**.
                     I   LEAH MARY ANSTINE, b. 28 MAY 19**.
                     II   DANIEL McARTHUR ANSTINE, b. 10 AUG 19**.
                     III   JOHN TIMOTHY ANSTINE, b. 01 OCT 19**.
                     IV   MARGARET JILL ANSTINE, b. 10 DEC 19**.
                  ii.   WALTER LOUIS ANSTINE, b. 10 DEC 19**; m. FEB 19**, Ferne Henkle, b. 19**.
                     I   WILLIAM ANSTINE, adopted, b. 05 DEC 19**.
                  iii.   KATHRYN ELEANOR ANSTINE, b. 14 MAR 19**; m. 25 JAN 19**, Charles E. Kraft.
                     I   LOUIS MICHAEL KRAFT, b. 12 JUL 19**.
                     II   LOIS MARY KRAFT, b. 11 JAN 19**.
                  iv.   MARY CELINA ANSTINE, b. 15 JAN 19**; m. 26 AUG 19**, Donald Jack Buroker, b. 25 AUG 19**.
                     I   AARON MICHAEL BUROKER, b. 17 OCT 19**.
                     II   DANIEL JACK BUROKER, twin, b. 06 APR 19**.
                     III   DONALD MAC BUROKER, twin, b. 06 APR 19**.
                     IV   THOMAS DANE BUROKER, b. 28 APR 19**.
            2.   MARGARET ELIZABETH McARTHUR, b. 16 JUL 19**, Roundhead, Hardin Co., OH; dec.: m. 10 OCT 19**, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., FL, John Callam Buttolph, b. 10 SEP 19**, Hardin Co., OH; d. Kenton, Hardin Co., OH.
               a.   MARY ELIZABETH BUTTOLPH, b. 21 OCT 19**, Hardin Co., OH; d. Kenton, Hardin Co., OH; m. 14 MAY 19**, John Raymond Lamb, b. 02 OCT 19**, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH; d. 19**, Kenton, OH.
                  i.   DAVID O'BRIEN LAMB, b. 31 MAR 19**, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.
                  ii.   JOHN RAYMOND LAMB, b. 27 AUG 19**, Baltimore, Balt. Co., MD.
                  iii.   MARY ELIZABETH LAMB, b. 04 MAR 19**, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.
            3.   KATHARINE ROSE McARTHUR, b. 10 MAY 188_; d. 07  OCT 19**; m. 20 OCT 19**, Delbert Chester Fox, b. 20 JUN 1886; d. 18 JAN 19**, Hardin Co., OH.  Occ.: physician.
               a.   DANIEL WILTON FOX, b. 14 SEP 19**, Hardin Co., OH; d. 10 MAY 19**, IL.
               b.   IDA ELIZABETH FOX, b. 15 DEC 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. 02 JUN 19**, Leo John Bernard, b. 25 JAN 19**, Darke Co., OH.
                  i.   DANIEL FOX BERNARD, b 04 OCT 19**.
                  ii.   MICHAEL EUGENE BERNARD, b. 09 OCT 19**; d. 03 FEB 19**.
                  iii.   MARY KATHERINE BERNARD, b. 21 JAN 19**.
                  iv.   ANNE ELIZABETH BERNARD, twin, b. 23 JAN 19**.
                  v.   MARIE ELEANOR BERNARD, twin, b. 23 JAN 19**.
            4.   ELEANOR FRANCES McARTHUR, b. 21 APR 1888, Hardin Co., OH; d. MAY 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. (1) 29 DEC 19**, Herschel Jacob Zeis, b. MAR 1881, Tiffin, Seneca Co., OH; d. OCT 19**, Tiffin, OH; (2) Lester G. Seymour, b. 24 FEB 1888; d. 14 DEC 19**.  Herschel's occ.: physician.
               a.   ROBERT HERSCHEL ZEIS, b. 15 DEC 19**, Roundhead, Hardin Co., OH; dec.: m. 27 AUG 19**, Anne Marie Lamirand, b. 04 MAY 19**.
                  i.   MARY ELEANOR ZEIS, b. 09 OCT 19**, South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN; m. 22 JUL 195_, Kenton, Hardin Co., OH, Nicholas Uracin, b. 27 JUL 19**, Griffith, Lake Co., IN.
                     I   ANN MARIE URACIN, b. 16 MAY 19**.
                     II   ELIZABETH ZEIS URACIN, b. 08   JUN 19**.
                     III   MARY KIMBERLY URACIN, b. 01 AUG 19**.
                  ii.   ROBERT HERSCHEL ZEIS II, b. 13 OCT 19**, Kenton, Hardin Co., OH; m. 12 APR 19**, Lois Norton, b. 09 JUL 19**, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.
                     I   ROBERT HERSCHEL ZEIS III, b. 01 AUG 19**.
                     II   JANICE MARIE ZEIS, b. 06 MAR 19**.
                     III   GREGORY ZEIS, b. 20 MAR 19**.
                     IV   WILLIAM CURTIS ZEIS, b. 18 JUL 19**.
                     V   CARROL LYNN ZEIS, b. 12 SEP 19**.
                  iii.   MARGARET ANN ZEIS, b. 17 OCT 19**, Kenton, Hardin Co., OH; m. 18 JUN 19**, Paul Thomas McGarvey, b. 27 MAR 19**, Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., IA.  Occ.: physician.
                     I   MICHAEL PAUL McGARVEY, b. 21 SEP 19**.
                     II   ANDREW SEAN McGARVEY, b. 03 MAR 19**.
                  iv.   JOHN L. SEYMOUR, b. 01 NOV 19**, Kenton, Hardin Co., OH; d. 24 JAN 19**, Hardin Co., OH.
         D.   SARAH SEREPTA McARTHUR, b. 18 MAR 19**; d. 13 FEB 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. OCT 1881, Patrick James Clark, b. 20 OCT 1850, Perry Co., OH; d. 29 MAY 19**, Hardin Co., OH.  Nine ch.: John, Daniel, Aletha, Margaret, Joseph, Infant, Wallace, David, Catherine.
            1.   JOHN JAMES CLARK, b. 17 NOV 1882, Hardin Co., OH; d. 13 FEB 19**, Denver, Denver Co., CO; single.
            2.   DANIEL LEO CLARK, b. 26 JAN 1884, Hardin Co., OH; d. 01 OCT 19**, Whitefish, Flathead Co., MT; m. Ina Thomas, b. Dillon, Beaverhead Co., MT; d. 07  NOV 19**, Arlee, Lake Co., MT.
               a.   MARGARET LOUISE CLARK, b. 08   APR 19**, Arlee, Lake Co., MT; m. 09 FEB 19**, William Earle Moir, b. 04 AUG 19**, WA.
                  i.   WILLIAM DANIEL MOIR, b. 30 OCT 19**.
                  ii.   MICHAEL EARLE MOIR, b. 02 OCT 19**.
                  iii.   PATRICK THOMAS MOIR, b. 11 MAR 19**; d. 19**.
                  iv.   TIMOTHY GORDON MOIR, b. 14 MAR 19**.
            3.   ALETHA MAY CLARK, b. 11 NOV 1885, Hardin Co., OH; d. 04 JUL 19**, Aurora, Adams/Arapahoe Co., CO; single.  Occ.: nurse.
            4.   MARGARET CLARK, b. 19 SEP 1886, Hardin Co., OH; d. 09 APR 19**, Hardin Co., OH; single.  Occ.: nurse.
            5.   JOSEPH IVAN CLARK, b. 12 FEB 1883, Hardin Co., OH; d. 12 APR 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. Myrtle Harmes, b. 30 AUG 1892, Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA; d. 11 AUG 19**, Hardin Co., OH.
               a.   DUNCAN IVAN "Dick" CLARK, b. 02  MAR 19**; m. (1) 15 SEP 19**, Edna May Bly, b. 02 JUN 19**; d. 30 JAN 19**; div. JUN 19**; (2) 19**, Victoria Marzetti, b. 19**.
                  i.   CYNTHIA KAYE CLARK, b. 27 NOV 19**.
                  ii.   JOSEPH IVAN CLARK, b. 11 SEP 19**.
                  iii.   JANE ELIZABETH CLARK, b. 16 DEC 19**.
                  iv.   DANIEL IVAN CLARK, b. 19**.
                  v.   KRISSA CLARK, b. 19**.
                  vi.   DAVID CLARK, b. 19**.
                  vii.   DENNIS CLARK, b. 19**.
                  viii.   DOUGLAS CLARK, b. 19**.
               b.   MARGARET MAE CLARK, b. 19 AUG 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. (1) 06 JUN 19**, Robert Moffett; d. 30 OCT 19**; (2) 19**, James Honaker, b. WV.
                  i.   BRYAN KENWICK MOFFETT, b. 01 JUL 19**.
                  ii.   SUELLEN MOFFETT, b. 20 AUG 19**.
                  iii.   JANICE ELAINE MOFFETT, b. JAN 19**.
                  iv.   LINDA MOFFETT, b. JUL 19**.
                  v.   CATHERINE HONAKER, b. 19**.
                  vi.   JAMES HONAKER, b. 19**.
               c.   JOHN CLARK, b. 07  APR 19**; d. 31 DEC 19**.
            6.   Infant dau., b. and d. 1889.
            7.   WALLACE ANTHONY CLARK, b. 05 APR 1891, Hardin Co., OH; d. 26 MAR 19**, Logan Co., OH; m. 21 JUN 19**, GOLDIE EVA KILLOUGH, b. 25 JUN 1895, Hardin Co., OH; d. 07  MAR 19**, Logan Co., OH.  He was a great, great, grandson of HANNAH KILLOUGH, the dau. of ALLEN KILLOUGH "of Ridge Road."
               a.   ROBERT PAUL CLARK, b. 02 APR 19**, Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE; m. 23 NOV 19**, Mable Hill, b. 07  FEB 19**, Barkers Creek Plantation, Anderson Co., SC.  Occ.: veterinarian; she was a nurse.
                  i.   PATRICK JOSEPH CLARK, b. 22 OCT 19**, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH; m. 19**, Becky Wilson, b. 13 FEB 19**; div.
                     I   PATRICK WALLACE CLARK, b. 03 SEP 19**, Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., IN.
                     II   CLINTON EMIL CLARK, b. 07  FEB 19**, Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., IN.
                     III   TRISTAN SCOTT CLARK, b. 06 JUL 19**, Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., IN.
                     IV   REMINGTON TREVOR CLARK, b. 26 APR 19**, Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., IN.
                  ii.   ANNA ELIZABETH CLARK, b. 05 DEC 19**, Yorktown, York Co., VA; m. 05 JUN 19**, George William Zeller.  His occ.: minister.
                     I   JOHN ZELLER, b. 21 OCT 19**.
                     II   WILLIAM ZELLER, b. 26 OCT 19**.
                  iii.   DANIEL FRED CLARK, b. 25 OCT 19**, Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., IN; m. Laura Masin.
                     I   EVA SOEIL CLARK, b. 19**, ID.
                     II   NOLAN ROBERT CLARK, b. 27 APR 19**, ID.
                     III   ABRAM ISAAC CLARK, b. 26 JUL 19**, ID.
                  iv.   NATHAN ROBERT CLARK, b. 31 MAY 19**, Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., IN; m. 11 OCT 19**, Beth Everett.
                     I   YARROW CHRISTOPHER CLARK, b. 24 DEC 19**.
                  v.   JENNIE EVA CLARK, b. 05 JUL 19**; single.
               b.   BYRON WALLACE CLARK, b. 07  SEP 19**, Logan Co., OH; m. 07  SEP 19**, Mildred Elizabeth Harris, b. 24 DEC 19**, Lake Placid, Highlands Co., FL.  Occ.: minister; she was a missionary.  Res. Ardmore, PA.
                  i.   JOHN WALLACE CLARK, b. 16 AUG 19**, Toledo, OH; m. 23 JUL 19**, Constance Martin Conaway, b. 26 JUL 19**.
                     I   ELIZABETH ALLEN CLARK, b. 17 MAR 19**.
                  ii.   JEFFREY WILLIAM CLARK, b. 25 NOV 19**, Manilla, Philippine Is.; m. (1) 14 JUN 19**, Barbara Kistler; div.; (2) 14 JAN 19**, Marcia Jean Browne.  Occ.: both physicians.
                     I   THOMAS BYRON CLARK, b. 22 DEC 19**.
                     II   NOAH CLARK, twin, stillborn, 07  JUL 19**, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.
                     III   SAMUEL McARTHUR CLARK, twin, b. 07  JUL 19**, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.
                  iii.   JAMES WARREN CLARK, b. 30 JUL 19**, Manila, Philippines; single.
                  iv.   JEAN ELIZABETH CLARK, b. 09 OCT 19**, New York City, NY; m. 14 AUG 19**, Lee Arnold Schechtman, b. 06 DEC 19**.
                     I   LISA BETH SCHECHTMAN, b. 13 SEP 19**, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.
                     II   DAVID WALLACE SCHECHTMAN, b. 24 JUL 19**, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.
                  v.   JUNE ELEANOR CLARK, b. 20 NOV 19**, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; m. 29 MAR 19**, Jonathan Peter Friedman, b. 03 SEP 19**, New York, NY; d. 24 SEP 19**.
                     I   JONATHAN HARRIS FRIEDMAN, b. 23 JAN 19**, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.
               c.   HELEN ALETHA CLARK, b. 24 AUG 19**; single.
               d.   JOSEPH LOGAN CLARK, b. 23 FEB 19**, Logan Co., OH; m. 22 AUG 19**, Patty Rings, b. 19 APR 19**, Amlin, Franklin Co., OH.  Occ.: farmer, ret. postmaster; she is a ret. postmaster.  Res. East Liberty, OH.
                  i.   CHERI LYNN CLARK, b. 04 DEC 19**, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; m. 07  AUG 19**, Jeffrey Loren Nicol.
                     I   ANDREW JOSEPH NICOL, b. 25 DEC 19**.
                     II   DANIEL LOREN NICOL, b. 10 SEP 19**.
                  ii.   JOSEPH IVAN CLARK, b. 19 JUL 19**, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; m. Dorothy Dunne.
                     I   SARAH TAY CLARK, b. 07  DEC 19**, ID.
                     II   THOMAS ANTHONY CLARK, b. 21 AUG 19**, ID.
                     III   JOSEPH OWEN CLARK, b. 01 DEC 19**, ID.
               e.   MARGARET PATRICIA CLARK, b. 21 MAR 19**, Logan Co., OH; m. 12 AUG 19**, Donald Charles Rudat, b. 20 JUN 19**; d. 21 OCT 19**.  Occ.: teacher; he was a minister.
                  i.   JEAN ANN RUDAT, b. 25 AUG 19**, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA; m. (1) 02 AUG 19**, Gary Rieger; div.: (2) 01 SEP 19**, Gregory Way, b. 21 JAN 19**.
                     I   DUSTIN MATTHEW RIEGER, b. 02 JUN 19**.
                     II   DYAN MATTHEW WAY, b. 08   MAR 19**.
                  ii.   PAUL ALAN RUDAT, b. 21 APR 19**, Washington, Washington Co., PA; m. 22 JUN 19**, Kristie Lynn Rummell.
                     I   ERIN DENNYELLE RUDAT, b. 02 AUG 19**.
                     II   MORGAN ALYSONDRA RUDAT, b. 07  JUN 19**.
                     III   JORDANNE KATHLAYNE RUDAT, b. 20 JUL 19**.
                  iii.   KATHY LYNN RUDAT, b. 12 NOV 19**, Washington, Washington Co., PA.
            8.   DAVID DUNCAN CLARK, b. 02 MAR 1893; d. 06 FEB 1895, Hardin Co., OH.
            9.   CATHERINE CLARK, b. 27 APR 1895, Hardin Co., OH; d. 04 JUL 19**; m. 07  OCT 19**, William Anderson, b. 07  MAR 1892.
               a.   SARAH JOAN ANDERSON, b. 30 AUG 19**, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH; m. 05 AUG 19**, Clarence Wilson Moore, b. 19 MAR 19**, Roundhead, Hardin Co., OH.
                  i.   CONSTANCE ANN MOORE, b. 23 FEB 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. 08   OCT 19**, Thomas Guy Kemp, b. 24 JAN 19**.
                     I   CARLA ANN KEMP, b. 02 JUL 19**, Lima, Allen Co., OH.
                     II   STEPHANIE JOAN KEMP, b. 03 JAN 19**, Lima, Allen Co., OH.
                  ii.   JOAN ELIZABETH MOORE, b. 08   JUN 19**, Hardin Co., OH; m. (1) 24 AUG 19**, Jerry Dean Spradlin, b. 19**; d. 23 FEB 19**, Vietnam; (2) 03 JUL 19**, Russell Winegarden.
                     I   KEVIN SPRADLIN, b. 01 APR 19**, Hardin Co., OH.
                  iii.   JERROLD WILSON MOORE, b. 06 AUG 19**, Hardin Co., OH; d. 11 SEP 19**; m. 24 JAN 19**, Sandy Cline, b. 09 DEC 19**.
                     I   TAMMY MOORE, b. 17 JUL 19**, Lima, Allen Co., OH.
                  iv.   JOHN DOUGLAS MOORE, b. 16 OCT 19**, Logan Co., OH.
      XII.   NANCY WALLACE, b. 06 APR 1817; d. 02 AUG 1818, Ross Co., OH.



The Killough Family

   The Little Britain, Pennsylvania, Branch