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	Zora (Killough) Cunningham, President and Historian 1997
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	Zora (Killough) Cunningham, Historian 1989-2001


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Chapter One: The Covenanter Branch of Ohio	9

Chapter Two: The Little Britain, Pennsylvania, Branch of the Family	29

Chapter Three: The Maine Branch of the Family	161

Chapter Four: The North Carolina and Arkansas Branches of the Family	165

Chapter Five: The Rhea County, Tennessee, and
							Montgomery County, Alabama, Branches of the Family	211

Chapter Six: The Old South Branch of the Family,
										Rutherford County, Tennessee Division	231

Chapter Seven: The Old South Branch of the Family,
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Chapter Eight: The Ireland and Canada Branches of the Family	419

Chapter Nine: More Killough Families	435

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	PREFACE to the 1997 EDITION

	In 1953, John Allen Killough (now deceased) of Stillwater, Oklahoma, wanted to find the place where the 1838 Killough Massacre took place in Texas.  In questioning people about it, he found a great deal of interest in this event.  This led to the calling of the first meeting in 1955 of Killoughs to the area where the Isaac Killough family lived and some are buried.  The sixty-nine families who came enjoyed the event so much that they agreed to invite other Killoughs and get together there annually.  Allen had a natural drive to find relatives; he loved to talk to people and compare genealogical information.  As he and his wife Louise traveled during vacations and after retirement, he found that the story of the Killough Massacre had been handed down in numerous Killough families all over the United States.  It was an event of common interest leading to many meals and overnight stays with people he'd never seen before but who considered him to be "Killough Kin."

	Looking over his collection of names, dates and places, his daughter-in-law, Barbara (Mrs. John Allen Killough, Jr.), became interested in the Killough clan, joining him in his search for material and organizing the information he had collected.  They considered it important to talk to older members of the family and record their memories of family relationships and events that would be important to later descendants.  They learned that Stuart Killough of Pflugerville, Texas, had been collecting Killough information for years and didn't know what to do with all the loose scraps of paper and old letters he had received in reply to his inquiries.  In 1956, all the information was put together in a form that could be distributed to others at the annual reunion, with the expectation that they would make new contributions in the future.  That booklet fulfilled its purpose, leading others to explore the roots of the family.

	In 1969, Stephen Pinckney Killough of Amarillo published an updated genealogy after spending much time and effort contacting as many of the family as he could find.  He continued this work and in 1981 reprinted that book along with inserts to show additional data.  Along the way, he learned much about early day Scot, Irish and American historical events in which Killoughs would have been involved.  His historical essay was included in those two editions.

	The 1991 edition was compiled, published and distributed for the Killough Reunion Association by Zora Killough Cunningham and John and Barbara Killough.  Zora volunteered to continue collecting and organizing new material in preparation for another edition in ten years, but because of a constantly enlarging network of Killoughs and genealogical research being done by computer, too much material became available to wait that long.  It is doubtful that a book covering this much ground can be published again.

	In addition to past publications, sources for the information in this 1997 edition can be found in the raw material held by the compiler for the Killough Association.  Eventually this source material will be submitted to a genealogical library in Texas, not yet selected, where it can be accessed by anyone.  The information is as accurate as possible, using the personal records, archival data and research submitted by descendants of the original Killough families.  We apologize for any errors of transcription.  We are deeply appreciative of all who have contributed new information about their families and their research on the Killoughs beyond their own family.

		The Killough Reunion Association of the   


	Since the publication of the 1997 edition of THE KILLOUGH/KELLOUGH FAMILY, numerous people have sent us valuable new information about their families and we are happy to be able to include it in this revised edition for distribution via the Internet.  Those contributions are greatly appreciated.

	This book encompasses so many branches of the Killoughs and because the branches are so large, we believe that future work on Killough genealogy will be confined to single branches in which individuals or groups are interested.  The Internet will increasingly be used to assist those doing research on their own families.  However, no more new material or changes will be inserted into this Internet edition.  Eventually we plan to have volunteers help us get it all into a gedcom format so it can be posted on Rootsweb.  If you are interested in participating in this project, please notify us.  We appreciate all the help we can get.

	Because of limited space, the Killough Family Book could not list the sources of our information.  However, locations of events in the material are generously supplied and will enable anyone to find computerized or actual records of individuals listed in the book.  This information will be valuable for future generations as well.

	Copies of the family letters, documents, research, stories and pictures collected since 1989 by Zora Cunningham will be held in her possession for use by those interested.  Much of the historical material will gradually be put on the Internet at http:/

	There are a limited number of the 1997 edition of the book available.  They will be a valuable addition to your family keepsakes that can be enjoyed through the years, even by future generations.  They may be ordered from Clell I. Cunningham, 1335 Brighton Drive, Brighton, CO 80601. The cost is $28.00 plus $5.00 S & H.


	Since the name KILLOUGH is not spelled phonetically, there are many variations in the spelling.  In Scotland, where the family lived before migrating to Ireland, the following spellings appear:
	(in Argyll) Kelloch	Killoh	Kellock	Kelloe	Kelloche
	(in Inverness) Kellogh	Keilloh	Kelloc	Kello	Mac Killaig
	(in Fife) Kellocht	Keillo	Kellok	Killoch	MacCalleigh
	(in Sterling) de Keloche	Kelo	de Kellow	de Kellowe	O'Calleigh

	In Ireland before 1680 the family used "Killogh" and, less commonly, "Kilough".  From 1670 to 1730, as literacy flourished, the name was spelled as "Killough" which was correct if literally translated from the meaning "Church by the Lake".  After their arrival in the American frontier, the younger generations grew up without schools and their ability to spell suffered.  "Kellough" and "Keilough" were used in Pennsylvania and the Carolinas from 1730 to 1800.  In the tidewater and, particularly near Southampton County, Virginia, "Killo" and "Kello" were commonly used.  These families were often confused with a Cornish family of Virginia and the Carolinas, the Killiowe family.

	In the south we find "Kellough" in common use from 1850 to the present.  In Webster County, Kentucky, and in Texas, Alabama and Mississippi it was very common to use "Kellough".  Williamson County, Tennessee, has a family that spells its name "Kellow"; before 1840 that family was listed as "Killough" in the census.  Other spellings are not unusual.  "Killou" was used in the mid-nineteenth century by families in Carroll County, Tennessee, and Washington County, Texas.  In western Kentucky in 1800 and, later in Mississippi, the family was called "Keeler" and sometimes the name was spelled that way, although the family used the "Killough" spelling for themselves.  Other spellings found in old records are "Kelough", "Keleaugh", and "Keelough".

	"Kallock" or "Kalloch" is a purely American spelling variant of the Scottish "Kellock" or "Kelloch".  The American spelling has been used for many generations by descendants of the family who settled in Maine.

	Three variant pronunciations in use in some areas today are "Kell-low", "Key-low" and "Ki-loo'".  The Gortahar, Ireland, families said "Kil'-luck."  In other Irish families the pronunciation is "Kil-lawh'", the second syllable ending with a guttural sound which cannot be spelled in English.

	"Though as a surname, Killough is rarely found outside northern Ulster, it is not derived from the County Down place name, Killough, but is a form used in Ireland for the Scottish MacKellock, a sept of the clan of MacDonald."
	--from Edward MacLyaht, Supplement to Irish Families.

Other books on surnames say that the name Kellogg is an old family surname of England and should never be confused with Killough or Kellough.  Kellogg has always been spelled that way and belongs to many generations of Kelloggs of English heritage.


Generation	Code	Description	Illustration

First			JOHN KILLOUGH "of Drogheda"
Second	(I)	capital Roman numeral	His son, JOHN KILLOUGH "of Antrim" 
third	(A)	capital letter	His grandson, JOHN KILLOUGH
Fourth	(1)	Arabic numeral	(4) DAVID KILLOUGH "of Little Br."
Fifth	(a)	small letter	(e) SAMUEL KILLOUGH
Sixth	(i)	small Roman numeral	(i) DAVID A.KILLOUGH
Seventh	I.	capital Roman num., period	I.  WILLIAM KILLOUGH
Eighth	A.	capital letter, period	A.  MATILDA KILLOUGH
Ninth	1.	Arabic numeral, period	1.  MARY A. DUNNING
Tenth	a.	small letter, period	a.  JOHN THOMAS HAWKINS
Eleventh	i.	small Roman numeral, period	i.  TISH ALMA HAWKINS
Twelfth	I	capital Roman numeral underlined	II  BURTON GUY SHIRLEY
Thirteenth	A	capital letter underlined	B   WALTER WAYNE SHIRLEY
Fourteenth	1	Arabic numeral underlined	2   JASON WAYNE SHIRLEY
Fifteenth	a	small letter underlined	a   ROMAN WAYNE SHIRLEY
Sixteenth	I	small Roman numeral underlined


	Since this book contains such a vast number of names, it was not possible to list all the items one would like to know about each person.  It is with regret that all the information submitted could not be used.  Items that could not be recorded here include cause of death, religious and social organization affiliation, military records and education, except occasionally for those who lived in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  If you submitted this information, it will be kept in the source material.

	It is a common occurrence that public and private records kept throughout a person's lifetime may not be recorded with exactly the same spelling or dates.  At times more than one person in a family sent differing spellings or dates on the same person.  The differing pieces of data are given with a slash in between or the data from the person most closely related was used.

	To avoid needless repetition, county names were not always repeated in the information concerning each person.  To conserve space in such a large book, standard abbreviations were used as much as possible; parents of spouses of Killoughs are listed only for those who were born before 1900; children and grandchildren of stepchildren are not named.

	This collector and organizer of family records did not engage in genealogical research and is not a judge of what is authentic.  Hopefully, this book will inspire the readers to keep more detailed records on their families for the benefit of their descendants.
	Zora (Killough) Cunningham


	The earliest mention of any variant of the name Killough found by professional genealogists of the Ulster Historic Foundation, and other genealogists hired, shows that there was a John Kellogh on Sir Thomas Phillips' 3000 acre estate in Kenaught Barony near Limavady, Co. Londonderry, Ireland, in 1611-1616.  This was the only privately owned estate in what, since 1922, is known as Northern Ireland.  Phillips, a Scots soldier of fortune, had received this estate for his service in Ulster when he raised a "company of foot" in 1600.  We can only surmise why John was there as a servitor, a person receiving land in exchange for military service.  He might have came to Ulster from Scotland with waves of the McDonalds during the age of Elizabeth I and somehow linked up with Phillips.  Hundreds of unemployed Clan Donald men swarmed into Ulster from Scotland about 1600 as mercenaries for the Irish nobles.  John Kellog, possessing a "sword and pike," on Sir Thomas Phillips' estate in 1631 appears on a list of all protestant men fit to bear arms in the local militia.  Nothing more is known of him.

	The second John Killough to show up in records appears on the 1659 census of Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland.  He did not come to Ireland with Cromwell's troops in 1649; he was born in Ireland in 1630.  He joined them and was later paid in Irish land in Louth.  In 1654, this John had married Mary Hyde.  By about 1660, John and Mary, with son John (the third), left County Louth, which was Catholic, to go north to the Bann River valley in Ulster.  He probably sold his debenture to acquire cash for new land and a business.  Here they would be close to their co-religionists.  John Killough of Drogheda died in Antrim about 1715.

	Their son John (the third), born in Louth in 1657, married Anne McNeil and had at least three children, Robert, John (the fourth) and James.  They were living in the County Antrim area. These and possibly other of their children and other Killoughs coming from Scotland account for the Killoughs found in Ireland presently.

	In the early 1700's, due to laws affecting religion in Ulster, the marriages of the Presbyterian Ulster Scots became invalid, their churches became illegal, their ministers could not preach or hold office, and they had to be buried by Episcopal prelates.  A severe drought and a smallpox epidemic swept the land.  At the urging of their ministers and accompanied by them, their congregations emigrated to Maine and New Hampshire.  Three boatloads of them left Coleraine early in 1718.  Robert and his wife, Margaret Finley, their sons, Finley (Finlay), David, John and possibly Allen, along with Robert's brother John and wife, Jean Young, departed on the "William" and arrived in Boston August 4, 1718.  The captain of this ship was Archibald Hunter from Coleraine.  The families on this ship had attended the Macosquin Church and followed their minister, Rev. Thomas Craighead, to America.  Rev. Craighead made other trips to America to bring Scottish Presbyterians.

	Their brother James remained in County Antrim and is believed to be the ancestor of the Killoughs who lived at Gortahar, some of whom came to Canada in 1834.  Due to lack of old records, many Killoughs living in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland do not now know their direct ancestry or their relationship to one another.  They still have close ties to Scotland.

	Since land had not been determined for them and the Boston Calvinists would not tolerate them, they were forced to move to Worchester, Massachusetts, and then about ten miles northwest to Rutland, Massachusetts.  In time, Robert is found in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, involved in the oil and sturgeon trade until his business mysteriously burned down. 

	The John Young family came to Portsmouth and worked in the fishing industry also.  The lack of land and attitude of the people toward them made living in Massachusetts or New Hampshire a poor choice.  The Youngs and Robert Killough's family traveled through Connecticut and down to Philadelphia by sea to await developments so to learn where they could settle.  It depended on the Indian situation, what grants could be secured, etc.  There the Youngs participated in the drawing of lots for land in the Warren, Maine, area.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts included Maine at that time.  Their daughter Mary married Robert's son Finley,  who was only about 14 when their first child, David, was born in Philadelphia in 1725.  His wife was eleven years his senior.  This may explain why he and his wife went north in 1735, to what was then still the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with the Youngs instead of staying with the Killough family.  For several generations none of the Maine Kellochs named their children after Finley's father Robert, indicating it likely that a family dispute was associated with this move.

	Robert's brother John's two sons, Samuel and John "of Sherman's Creek" were born in Massachusetts.  Later, Mary, Ann, and Allen were born to John and Jean Killough.  The Presbyterians who remained in Worcester had to attend the Congregational church if they attended church any.  They finally realized they would never be granted the religious liberty they wanted if they continued to stay in Worcester.  John eventually followed Robert to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and then on to Cumberland County.
	The Killough contingent established themselves near a series of springs in what is now Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Big Springs, now the town of Newville, was the center of this community.  The earliest burials clustered around an old oak tree in the southeast portion of the yard near the first log church they built in 1737.  In one of these graves lies Robert the immigrant.  The Rev. Thomas Craighead, the same one who organized the Bann migration, became the minister.  He dropped dead in the pulpit shouting, "Farewell!  Farewell!"  By the late 1760's the Killoughs pushed on to new frontiers of civilization in the midwestern and southern states.  The rest of the story follows.


JOHN (KILLOGH) KILLOUGH of Drogheda, born in Scotland ca. 1630; d. 1689.
(I) JOHN KILLOUGH of Co. Antrim, Ire., b. 1657, Co. Louth, Ire.; d. ca. 1715, Co. Antrim, Ire.; m. Anne MacNeill; at least three sons, Robert, John and James.
	(A) ROBERT KILLOUGH, b. 1681, Co. Antrim, Ire.; d. 1737, Cumberland Co., PA; m. Margaret Finley.  Sons Finley and David are listed in early records.  Allen and John are in the same generation from Ireland in the same time period and are possibly their sons also.  For convenience, they are treated as such here.  
		(1)   ALLEN KILLOUGH "of Ridge Road," b. 1709, Co. Antrim, Ire.; d. 1785, Cumberland Co., PA; m. Hannah ___.  He was the ancestor of the Covenanter Branch of  Ohio.
			(a)	JEAN "Jane" KILLOUGH, m. John Campbell.
				(i)	JOHN CAMPBELL, Jr., m. ___ Kennedy.
					I.	ALLEN KILLOUGH CAMPBELL, b. 1784; d. 26 FEB 1837; m. Esther Robinson.  Four ch.
			(b)	JOHN KILLOUGH "of Lurgan Township," PA, b. date unknown; d. MAY 1777, PA; m. Margaret Parker, who later married his brother Francis Killough.  
				(i)	ALLEN KELLOUGH, Sr., b. 27 AUG 1770, PA; d. FEB 1815, KY or 13 DEC 1814, Ross Co., OH; m. (1) Christiana/Christian Logan; (2) a Margaret ___.  Nine ch. by Christiana, two by an unknown Margaret listed in family Bible.
					I.	WILLIAM KELLOUGH, b. 13 JAN 1794, Bourbon Co., KY; d. 1884, Hardin Co., OH; m. (1) Nancy Ward, seven ch.; (2) Mary Junkins, no ch.
					II.	JOHN KELLOUGH, b. 27 JUL 1796; d. 4 MAR 1816.
					III.	ISABEL KELLOUGH, b. 13 JUN 1798; m. James A. Gadbury/Gadburey/Gadberry; ten ch.
					IV.	SAMUEL KELLOUGH, b. 18 OCT 1801, OH; m. (1) ___ (2) Hester Foulke, his cousin.  One ch. by first wife; four ch. by Hester.
					V.	MARGARET "Peggy" KELLOUGH, b. 22 APR 1804; d. 9 FEB 1835; m. Dickerson Burt/Bert.  Two ch.
					VI.	ALLAN KELLOUGH, Jr., b. 12 JUL 1807; d. 31 DEC 1814.
					VII. ELIZABETH "Betsy" KELLOUGH, b. 20 SEP 1809; m. John Allemang.
					VIII.MARY KELLOUGH/KELLOGH, b. 30 NOV 1811; d. 07   JUL 1812.
					IX.	ANNE KELLOUGH/KELLOGH, b. 18 JUL 1813; m. John Beath.
					X.	JOHN KELLOUGH, son of unknown Margaret.
					XI.	SARAH HOLMES KELLOUGH, son of unknown Margaret.
				(ii)	REBECAH KELLOUGH/KILLOGH, b. 1772, PA; m. William Maxwell.
			(c)	FRANCIS KELLOUGH "of Peter's Township"; b. unknown; d. ca. 1786; m. Margaret (Parker) Killough.
			(i)	JAMES KELLOUGH, b. ca. 1779, PA; d. 1814, Preble Co., OH; m. (1) ___; (2) Mary Allen Lecuse.
				(ii)	JOHN KELLOUGH, b. ca. 1780, Harrison Co., KY; d. 1830's; m. (1) Sarah McCoy/McCrory; (2) Elizabeth "Betsy" McConnell.
					I.	JOHN W. KELLOUGH, b. 27 OCT 1815 or 08 MAY 1819, Ross Co. OH; d. 02/08 MAY 1839, near Veedersberg, Fountain Co., IN; m. Rebecca Pummell/Pummill.  Two ch.
					II.	PRESTON KELLOUGH; m. Mary Pummell/Pummill.  One ch.
				(iii)	PARKER KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1782; d. 1824; m. Mary/Jane McCreary.  Ten ch., only one known.
					I.	MAHALIA KILLOUGH, b. 16 DEC 1815; d. 9 SEP 19**; m. John Houpt.  One ch. known.
				(iv)	MARY KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1783; m. Aenous Foulke/Enos Faulk.
					I.	MARGARET FAULKE; m. (1) James Hayes; one ch. (2) Benjamin Lamper; one ch.
					II.	JANE FAULKE; d. young
					III.	STEPHEN P. FOULKE, b. 2 FEB 1815; d. ca. 1880, MO; m. (1) Sebrina Clyborn, two ch. (2) Sarah E. Dillingham, one ch.
					V.	AENEAS FAULKE III, b. 1818; d. 1849, No. Platte River en route to Oregon Terr.      
					VI.	HESTER FOULKE, b. 17 JAN 1820; d. 28 AUG 19**; m. (1) Samuel Killough, her cousin; one stepson and four ch. (2) Charles W. Brodess
					VII.MARY ANN FOULKE, b. 1821; m. Thomas J. Keene.  Five ch.
				(v)	HANNAH KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1784; m. Archibald Woods.
			(d)	ALLEN KILLOUGH, Jr., d. prior to MAY 1784; m. Mary Herron.
			(e)	ELIZABETH "Eliza" KILLOUGH, m. Robert Edmiston.
			(f)	REBEKAH KILLOUGH, m. Robert Smith.
			(g)	HANNAH KILLOUGH, m. Alexander McConnell.
				(i)	HANNAH McCONNELL, b. ca. 1780; d. 26 FEB 1846; m. John Wallace.
					I.	JAMES WALLACE, b. 26 APR 1800, KY; d. Marion, Linn Co. IW; m. Hannah Edmiston.  Six ch.
					II.	ELIZABETH "Betsy" WALLACE, b. 05   SEP 1801, OH, d. 27 MAY 1829, OH; m. 										Augustus Frederick Parrett.  Four ch.
					III.	ALEXANDER WALLACE, b. 01 MAY 1803; d. 9 SEP 1828.
					IV.	MARY WALLACE, b. 3 APR 1804, OH; d. 9 SEP 1836, OH; m. Isaac Evans.  Five                                            			 ch.
					V.	HANNAH WALLACE, b. 15 OCT 1805; d. KS; m. David Harper.  Eight ch.
					VI.	JOHN WALLACE, b. 24 JAN 1807, OH; d. 27 JUN 1888; m. Martha Adair.  Eight 											ch.
					VII.FRANCES "Fannie" WALLACE, b. 08 JUL 1808; d. 30 NOV 1881; m. Robert 												Coyner.
					VIII.ROBERT WALLACE, b. FEB 1810; d. 18 FEB 1850.
					IX.	ISABELLA WALLACE, b. 25 MAR 1812; d. after 1877; m. (1) James Zimmerman; 										(2) John H. Henry.  Six ch.
					X.	JANE WALLACE, b. 27 FEB 1814; d. 15 MAR 1863; m. Robert B. Braden.  Four                                            				ch.
					XI.	MARGARET HAMILTON WALLACE, b. 22 NOV 1815; d. 22 FEB 1873; m. John 										McArthur.  Four ch.
					XII.	NANCY WALLACE, b. 06   APR 1817; d. 2 AUG. 1818, Ross Co., OH.
		(2)	DAVID KILLOUGH I "of Little Britain"; b. County Down, Ireland or Worchester, MA; d. 1761, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Mary ___.  He is a son of Robert Killough who came from Ireland with his parents, John and Anne McNeill Killough in 1718.  David is the ancestor of the Little Britain Branch of the family.  Seven or more ch.  
			(a)	THOMAS KILLOUGH, b. 1740; d. 1800; m. Margaret ___.
			(b)	DAVID KILLOUGH II, b. ca. 1742, PA; d. APR 1785, PA; m. Margaret Stinson.  Eight ch. known.
				(i)	JAMES KILLOUGH, b. 1765, PA; d. 4 JAN 1850, Owen Co., IN; m. Agnes "Nancy" McCreary.
					I.	MARGERY/MARY KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1794, PA; d. Owen Co., IN; m. John Lockridge.  Eight ch.
					II.	MARGARET KILLOUGH, b. 23 MAR 1796, PA; d. 10 APR 1871, Owen Co., IN; m. Joseph Howe Steele.  Seven ch.
					III.	DAVID KILLOUGH, b. unknown; d. prior to OCT 1848, IN; m. Sally Humphrey/Humphries.  Four ch.
					IV.	JOHN KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1803, KY; d. prior to OCT 1848; m. Delila Stephenson.  Ten ch.
					V.	JANE ANN KILLOUGH, b. 23 JAN 1810, KY; d. 22 JAN 1878, IN.
					VI.	LUCINDA KILLOUGH, b. 25 APR 1810, KY; d. May 1859, Grayson Co.,TX; m. Simeon Mugg.  Six ch.
					VII.SILAS HOWELL KILLOUGH, b. KY; d. 01 JAN 19**, Waxahachie, Ellis, Co., TX; m. Theresa Jane L. Taylor.  Two ch.
				(ii)	MARY KILLOUGH, b. 14 NOV 1766; d. 26 MAR 1855; m. Joel Richardson.
					I.	MARGARET RICHARDSON, b. 30 NOV 1798; d. young.
					II.	GEORGE RICHARDSON, b. 17 JUL 1800; d. 21 OCT 1873; m. Elizabeth Harkless.
					III.	EBENEZER RICHARDSON, b. 27 MAR 1802; d. 10 MAR 1861; m. Mary Eberlein.
					IV.	MARY RICHARDSON, b. 25 NOV 1804; d. 27 DEC 1885; m. Henry Conklin.
					V.	DAVID RICHARDSON, b. 25 MAY 1807; d. 1842, McConnellsville, Morgan Co., OH.
				(iii)	JEAN/JANE KILLOUGH, m. Joseph Long.
				(iv)	DAVID KILLOUGH III, b. 1769/70, TN; d. before 1840, TN; m. Mary ___.
					I.	DAVID FRANKLIN KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1800; m. Margaret Bilbo.  Six ch.
					II.	EBENEZER KILLOUGH, b. 1805, KY; d. 27 APR 1867, Hickman Co., TN; m. (1) ___, b. ca. 1815  (2) Frances Margaret ___, b. 1832, TN; d. 1897.  Twelve ch.
				(v)	THOMAS E. KELLOUGH, b. 1774, Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 1839/1849, Plymouth, Hancock Co., IL; m. (1) ___ Pattoon/Patten; five ch.; (2) Betsy Campbell; no known ch.
					I.	RICHARD A. KELLOUGH, b. 20 MAR 1799, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 23 SEP 1844, McDonough Co., IL; m. Sarah Maxwell.  Thirteen ch.
					II.	MAUGERITE/MARGARET KELLOUGH, b. 9 JAN 1798, MD; d. 01 JUL 1872, Schuyler Co., IL; m. William Thomas Maxwell.  Eight ch.
					III.	ELEANOR KILLOUGH, b. 1804; d. 1875, Little Britain, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Thomas Hill.  Two ch.
				(vi)	JOHN KILLOUGH, b. 1775, PA; unknown but possibly 1860, Little Britain, Lancaster Co., PA; m. (1) Margaret Guy; two ch.  (2) Margaret Porter; three ch.
					I.	DAVID KILLOUGH, b. 1803, PA; d. 1873/1875, PA; single.
					II.	MARGARET GUY KILLOUGH, b. 27 SEP 1805; d. unknown; m. John Hutton.  One ch.
					III.	ROBERT KILLOUGH, b. 05   AUG 1812, PA; d. 05   JAN 1886, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Sidney Hoopes.  Eight ch.
					IV.	ELEANOR KILLOUGH, b. 15 NOV 1814, PA; d. 9 FEB 1896, Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA; m. John Tombleson/Tomlinson.  Two ch.
					V.	MARY ELIZA KILLOUGH, b. 16 MAR 1817; d. 05   APR 1884, PA; m. Elijah T. Tomlinson.
				(vii)	SAMUEL KILLOUGH, b. before 1880, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 26 AUG 1836, Demuth's Mill, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Elizabeth Carter.
					I.	MARGARET KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1804, PA; m. Adam Geisinger.  Four or more ch.
					II.	MARY KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1807, PA; d. 12 AUG 1837, PA; m. James Evans.
					III.	ELIZABETH JANE "Eliza" KILLOUGH, b. 12 JUN 1809; d. 15 NOV 1869, Lancaster Co., PA; m. John Reed.  Seven ch.
					IV.	HENRIETTA KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1811, PA; m. John S. Miller.  One ch.
					V.	WILLIAM KILLOUGH, b. 1811; d. 14 OCT 1822, PA.
					VI.	DAVID KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1812, PA; d. 4 JAN 1885, Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., PA.
					VII.SAMUEL KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1815, PA; m. Sarah Miller.
					VIII.JOHN KILLOUGH, b. 1817, PA; d. 1836.  Wife unknown.  One ch.
				(viii)EBENEZER KILLOUGH, b. 1780; d. 01 JAN 1852, PA; m. Ann McConkey/McConky.  Eight ch.
					I.	HUGH KILLOUGH, d. young.
					II.	MARGARET KILLOUGH; m. ___ Runner.  Four ch.
					III.	DAVID KILLOUGH; d. at age three.
					IV.	JAMES KILLOUGH; d. a young man.
					V,	EBENEZER KILLOUGH, Jr.; m. Sarah Ann Lovett.  Four ch.
					VI.	JANE KILLOUGH; m. Anthony Baldwin.
					VII.JOHN KILLOUGH; d. young.
					VIII.MARY ANN KILLOUGH; m. William Brown.
			(c)	ANN KILLOUGH, d. ca. 1804; m. James Garner/Gardner.
				(iii)	ANN GARNER
			(d)	MARY ANN KILLOUGH, m. William Siteall (several interpretations of the sp.)
			(e)	SAMUEL KILLOUGH, b. 1756, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 06   NOV 1834, Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Agnes "Nancy" ___.  
				(i)	DAVID A. KILLOUGH, b. 1772, NC; m. Sophia Gardner.
					I.	WILLIAM KILLOUGH, b. 1794, NC; m. (1) ___; two ch.; (2) KY, Elizabeth P. "Betsy" Gardner.  Four ch.
					II.	KATSEY KILLOUGH, b. 1799, GA; m. John McCoy.
					III.	JAMES GARDNER KILLOUGH, b. 1790, Mecklenburg Co., NC or 1800 in GA; d. 1853, Old Tishomingo Co., MS; m. Sarah ___.  Two or more ch.
					IV.	JOHN KILLOUGH, b. 1801, GA; d. KY; m. Hannah Adams.  Four ch.
					V.	ELIZABETH KILLOUGH, b. 1804, GA; m. Benjamin Armstrong.
					VI.	THOMAS N. KILLOUGH, b. 1809, KY; m. Cela "Sealy" Dunning.  Eight ch.
				(ii)	POLLY R. KILLOUGH; m. Hugh Ross.
				(iii)	ELIZABETH "Betsy" KILLOUGH
				(iv)	EBENEZER KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1780; d. before 1840, Graves Co., KY.
					I.	WILLIAM SWAN KILLOUGH, b. 1822, Graves Co., KY; d. before 1840; m. Jane Peoples.  Eight ch.
				(v)	SAMUEL C. or O. KILLOUGH, b. 1756; m. Nancy Nicenboy/Nicenbay.
				(vi)	ROBERT KILLOUGH, m. Peggy ___.
				(vii)	PRUDENCE "Pridy" KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1793; d. 17 NOV 1845, Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Nathaniel Simms/Sims.
					I.	JAMES ANDERSON SIMS, b. 15 FEB 1814, Cabarrus Co., NC; d. 24 JAN 1891, Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Isabella Deweese. Seven ch.
					II.	REBECCA SIMS, b. 1815; m. Samuel Blalock.
					III.	NANCY SIMS, b. 18 SEP 1815; d. 02 JAN 1875; m. (1) William T. 	Fraseur; (2) ___ 	Steele.
					IV.	SARAH SIMS (may be dau. of Nathaniel; more likely his sister.)
					V.	MARGARET SIMS, b. 1828; m. John H. Goodnight.
					VI.	PRUDENCE SIMS, b. 1831; d. young.
					VII.HARRIET SIMS, b. 1834; m. NC, William C. Van Pelt.
					VIII.JANE E. SIMS, m. (1) Alfred R. Basinger; (2) Daniel A. Overcash.
					IX.	SAMUEL KILLOUGH SIMS, m. Annis Deweese.
				(viii)JOHN KILLOUGH, b. 11 MAR 1791, Cumberland Co., NC; d. 24 FEB 1845, Mecklenberg Co., NC; m. Sarah Listenbee.
					I.	MARY MATILDA KILLOUGH, b. 19 AUG 1816; d. 1856, Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Levi Bell.
					II.	JANE ADALINE KILLOUGH, b. 11 MAR 1819, Cabarrus Co., NC; d. 08 JAN 1847; m. Robert Ross Brown.
					III.	SAMUEL STANHOPE KILLOUGH, b. 30 NOV 1822; d. 9 JUL 1867, NC; m. Edith Lucinda Cochran.  Four ch.
					IV.	JAMES FLORNENY KILLOUGH, b. 27 MAY 1824, Cabarrus Co. NC; d. 07   JAN 1846; single.
 		(3)	FINLEY KILLOUGH, b. 1711, Antrim Co., Ire.; m. Mary Young.  He is a son of  Robert and Margaret Finley Killough who came from Ireland with their parents, John and Anne MacNeill Killough in 1718.  Finley and Mary  are ancestors of The Maine Branch of the family.
			(a)	DAVID KALLOCH, b. 1725; d. 18 FEB 1802; m. (1) Jane Boyd; (2) Catherine (Cooper) Cox.
			(b)	JOHN KALLOCH I, m. Isabella Cunningham.  Fourteen ch.
			(c)	MARY KALLOCH, m. ___ Brown.
			(d)	MATTHEW KALLOCH, d. 23 MAR 1824; m. Mary Robinson.  Ten ch.
			(e)	ALEXANDER KALLOCH, b. 1740; d. 14 FEB 1826; m. Eleanora Gaut.  Eleven ch.
			(f)	MARGARET KALLOCH, m. George Boyd.
(4)	JOHN KILLOUGH, b. 1712, Co. Antrim, Ire.; d. 1777, PA; m. Margaret___.He came to Americawith his parents, 			Robert and Margaret Finley Killough in 1718.  Three ch.: Richard, Isaac Kello, Martha.
			(a)	RICHARD KILLOUGH of Southampton Co., VA, b. 1729; d. 1789, VA.  
				(i)	SAMUEL KILLOUGH I, b. ca 1753, VA; d. 1789; m. Margaret Belsches.
					I.	SAMUEL KILLOUGH II, b. 1773, VA.  m. ___ . Three ch.
					II.	RICHARD KILLOUGH, b. 1781, VA; m. VA, Permelia Pond.  Three ch.
				(ii)	WILLIAM KELLOW/KILLOUGH, b. 1756, VA; missing and presumed dead during the Revolution; m. Elizabeth (Ridley) Brown.
				(iii)	JOSEPH KILLOUGH, b. 1760, VA; d. ca. 1800.
					Dates of Joseph and William births in conflict here.
					I.	WILLIAM KILLOUGH, Sr., b. 30 OCT 1770, VA; d. 1845, NC; m. Eleanor Neal.  He is the 								ancestor of the North Carolina and Arkansas Branch of the family.  Four sons.
					II.	JOSEPH PULASKI KILLOUGH, b. 1780's, VA; d. before 1850, TN; m. Mary ___ . He is the ancestor of the Rhea County, Tennessee, Branch of the family.  At least nine ch.
				(iv)	RICHARD B. KILLOUGH, b. 1764, VA; m. VA, Elizabeth M. Burgess.
					I.	CAROLINE M. KILLOUGH, b. 1807, VA; m. VA, John Boykin.
					II.	MARGARET B. KILLOUGH, b. 1809, VA; m. VA, Thomas W. Vaughn.
				(v)	NATHANIEL KILLOUGH, b. 1771; m. VA, Pherebe (Cator) Artis.
					I.	WILLIAM O. KILLOUGH, b. 1809, VA; d. 27 JAN 1848.  One ch.
					II.	LOUISE B. KILLOUGH, b. 1811, VA; d. before 1847; m. Samuel James Douglas.
			(b)	ISAAC KELLO/KILLOUGH, Sr., b. 1732, PA; d. MAY 1794; m. Sarah ___.
				(i)	ISAAC KELLO, Jr.
					I.	DAVID R. KELLO, b. 27 MAR 1797; m. Margaret D. Smith.
					II.	MARGARET D. KELLO, b. 1799, NC; m. ___ Smith.
					III.	SAMUEL KELLO, b. 22 FEB 1806, Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Jemina Nelson.  Five ch.
				(ii)	SARAH KELLO/KILLOUGH, m. Joseph Truitt.
				(iii)	WILLIAM KILLOUGH, b. 1762; d. 1803; m. Jefsey ___.
					VII.JOHN KILLOUGH, b. 1791, SC; d. 1838, AL.  He is the ancestor of the Montgomery County, Alabama, Branch of the family.  At least two ch.
			(c)	MARTHA KILLOUGH, m. VA, Cary Mitchell.
	(B)	JOHN KILLOUGH "of Cumberland," b. 1689, Co. Antrim, Ire.; d. 1754, PA; m. Jean Young.  He migrated to America in 1718 with his wife and his brother Robert.  They had at least three sons and two daughters: Samuel, John, Mary, Anne, and Allen.
		(1)	SAMUEL EZEKIEL KILLOUGH, b. 08 DEC 1718/1719, Worcester, MA; d. 22 OCT 1749, PA; m. Mary ___.  He is the ancestor of the Old South Branch, of the family.  Four ch.: Ezekiel, Charity, Isaac, "The Planter", John.
			(a)	EZEKIEL KILLOUGH, b. 1735, PA; d. 1775, PA; single.
			(b)	CHARITY KILLOUGH, b. 1737, PA; d. 1779, PA; single.
			(c)	ISAAC KILLOUGH "The Planter," b. 1740, PA; d. 1795, GA; m. Mary ___.  He is the ancestor of The Rutherford Co., Tenn., Division of the Old South Branch of the family.  Six ch.: Samuel, Jane, David, James, Isaac, Allen.  
				(i)	SAMUEL KILLOUGH, b. 10 SEP 1763, NC; d. 20 MAR 1842, TN; m. Mary McCartney.
					I.	JAMES McCARTNEY "Jimmy" KILLOUGH, b. 21 APR 1801, GA; d. 26 OCT 1863, Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN; m. Matilda Martin.  Ten ch.
					II.	ISAAC B. KILLOUGH, b. 06  JUN 1802, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. 06  JUL 1867, Johnson Co, TX; m. Mary Doak McKeen.  Nine ch.
					III.	JOHN HARVEY KILLOUGH, b. 1807, Rutherford Co, TN; m. Nancy Lawrence.  Two ch.
					IV.	SARAH T. KILLOUGH, b. 1812, Rutherford Co., TN; d. 15 JUL 1838, Rutherfored Co., TN; m. George Walker.
					V.	MARY KILLOUGH, b. 24 MAR 1813, Rutherford Co., TN; d. 20 FEB 1840, Rutherford Co., TN.
					VI.	SAMUEL BLACKBURN "Black" KILLOUGH, b. 10 SEP 1813, Rutherford Co., TN; d. 21 JUN 1876, Wheelock, Robertson Co., TX; m. Annette Woodward (Wheelock) Powers Kimble.  Ten ch.
					VII.NANCY E. KILLOUGH, b. 1816, Rutherford Co., TN; d. 1846; m. John Jetton.  Five known ch.
					VIII.SUSAN A. E. KILLOUGH, b. 24 DEC 1817, Rutherford Co.,TN; d. 3 MAR 1837, Rutherford Co., TN.  Single.
					IX.	LAVENIA/LAVENA KILLOUGH, b. Rutherford Co., TN; d. 22 SEP 1840, TN.  Single.
					X.	ROBERT HENDERSON KILLOUGH, b. 23 JAN 1819, Rutherford Co., TN; d. 10 JAN 1843, Rutherford Co., TN.  Single.
					XI.	WILLIAM ALLEN KILLOUGH, b. 01 APR 1823, Rutherford Co., TN; d. 24 OCT 1887, Wise Co., TX; m. Elizabeth Pinkney Nash.  Nine ch.
				(ii)	JANE KILLOUGH, b. 1767, NC.
				(iii)	DAVID KILLOUGH, b. 1770, SC; d. TN; m. Mary ___.
				(iv)	JAMES KILLOUGH (twin to Isaac), b. 1772, SC; d. 01 OCT 1833, AL; m. Sarah Mitchell.
					I.	JANE KILLOUGH, b. 13 JUL 1798, GA; d. AL .  Single.
					II.	MARY R. KILLOUGH, b. 19 AUG 1799, GA; d. Jefferson Co., AL; m. ___ Riley.
					III.	ALEXANDER MITCHELL KILLOUGH, b. 20 NOV 1800, GA; died young.
					IV.	ISAAC KILLOUGH, b. 19 JUL 1802, GA; d. 06  JUL 1876, Robertson Co., TX; m. Ruth Duff.  Ten ch.
					V.	SARAH KILLOUGH, b. 28 DEC 1803, GA.
					VI.	JAMES MITCHELL KILLOUGH, b. 9 AUG 1805; d. 1829, AL.
					VII.NANCY KILLOUGH, b. 15 FEB 1807, TN; m. George W. Wood.
					VIII.SAMUEL KILLOUGH, b. 20 DEC 1809, TN; d. 1864; m. Margaret Ann Potter.
					IX.	JOHN KILLOUGH, b. 01 APR 1811, TN; d. 23 JUL 1886, Jefferson Co., AL; m. (1) Ednia/Edna Goodwin; (2) Harriett ___.  Two ch.
					X.	ALLEN KILLOUGH, b. 1813, TN; d. 1817.
					XI.	WILLIAM M. KILLOUGH, b. 23 JAN 1815, Rutherford Co., TN; d. 4 OCT 1886, Jefferson Co., AL; m. (1) Sarah Howell, two ch.; (2) Hulda Parmelia Pool, three ch.  
					XII.	NEWTON CANNON KILLOUGH, b. 13 APR 1816, Rutherford Co., TN; d. 22 JAN 1884, San Marcos, Hays Co., TX; m. Nancy Chance.  Thirteen ch.
					XIII.JEREMIAH BURNS KILLOUGH, b. 14 MAR 1818, TN; d. 1890; m. Elizabeth "Eliza" Linn/Lynn.  Eight ch.
					XIV.CHARLES MARTIN KILLOUGH, b. 1820, TN; m. Mary M. Barton/Berton.  Four ch.
					XV.DAVID KILLOUGH, b. 4 MAR 1822, TN; d. 23 FEB 1889/1891, Jefferson Co., AL; m. (1) Lurinda ___; (2) Sarah Coursey; (3) Fannie ___.  Six or more ch.
				(v)	ISAAC KILLOUGH, twin to James, b. 1772, SC; d. 05   OCT 1838, TX; m. AL, Ursula ___.  Nine ch.
					I.	JAMES MITCHELL KILLOUGH, b. 1802, GA; d. unknown; m. AL, Parnecy/Pernecia/Pernecy Duff.  Two ch.
					II.	MARTHA "Patsy" KILLOUGH, b. 26 SEP 1800, Jefferson Co., AL; d. Talladega Co., AL; m. AL, John Byars/Byers/Bias, Jr.  Eight ch.
					III.	NATHANIEL KILLOUGH, b. 4 APR 1806, TN; d. 15 APR 1864, Cherokee Co., TX; m. (1) Orlena Deavers; two ch.; (3) Bethanena Fisher; no ch. (3) Locky Elizabeth (Smith) McKee; two ch.
					IV.	ISAAC KILLOUGH, Jr., d. 05 OCT 1838, Cherokee Co., TX; m. Sarah H. D. "Jane" Williams.
					V.	ALLEN KILLOUGH, d. 05  OCT 1838, Cherokee Co., TX; m. AL, Elizabeth Brasher.  Two or three ch.
					VI.	MARY "Polly" KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1801; d. ca. 1866; m. (1) Owen C. Williams; (2) Jefferson Wallace.  Three ch.
					VII.SAMUEL KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1815, TN; d. 05 OCT 1838, Cherokee Co., TX; m. Narcissus/Narcissa Norris.  One ch.
					VIII.JANE KILLOUGH, d. 05 OCT 1838, Cherokee Co, TX; m. George C. Wood, d. 05 OCT 1838, Cherokee Co., TX.
					IX.	ELIZABETH KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1819, AL; d. 05 OCT 1838, TX.
				(vi)	ALLEN KILLOUGH, b. 1774, SC; d. before 1837; m. Nancy ___.
			(d)	JOHN KILLOUGH, b. 1741, PA; d. 1798, KY.  Two sons.  He is the ancestor of The Livingston Co., Ky., Division of the Old South Branch of the family.
				(i)	ALLEN KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1765, Mecklenburg Co.,NC; d. 3 JUL 1814, Livingston Co.,KY; m. Margaret Wallace.  Nine ch.
					I.	JOHN ALLEN KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1785, SC; d. ca. 1830; m. Ann/Anna Peeler.  Seven ch.
					II.	SARAH KILLOUGH, b. 1786, SC; d. 1852, Anderson Co. TX; m. James Holmes.  Nine ch.
					III.	SAMUEL KILLOUGH, b. 1790, SC/GA; d. 18 SEP 1826, Livingston Co., KY m. Parthany or Parthena or Partheny "Thaney" Peeler.  Three ch.
					IV.	HANNAH POMEROY KILLOUGH, b. 1792, Wilkes Co., GA; d. 1868, Houston Co., TX; m. Jesse R. Jones.  Eleven children.
					V.	MAY "Polly" KILLOUGH, b. 1794, KY; d. Jefferson Co.,AL; m. John/James Crowder.
					VI.	DAVID KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1798; d. 14 OCT 1848, Choctaw Co., MS; m. Louisa Martin.  Two ch.
					VII.ALLEN KILLOUGH, b. 1805, GA; d. 01 FEB 1852, Anderson Co., TX; m. (1) Margaret Baird; (2) Olive (Eden) Earl.
					VIII.ISAAC KILLOUGH, b. 1808; d. 05 JAN 1834, Talladega Co., AL; m. (1) ___; (2) Elizabeth Baird.  Three children.
					IX.	GEORGE POMEROY KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1810; d. before 1838.
				(ii)	JAMES KILLOUGH, b. 1770; m. Parmelia Charter.  Four known ch.
					I.	JOHN KILLOUGH/KELOUGH "of Carroll County," b. 1791, GA; d. 1851, TN; m. (1) Eleanor Kirk; (2) Delila Wheelis; (3) Susan M. Parker.  Five ch.
					II.	THOMAS KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1794, GA.  Four ch.
					III.	ISAAC KILLOUGH, b. JAN 1798, GA; d. after 1850, AL; m. Nancy Cruse.
		(2)	JOHN KILLOUGH "of Sherman's Creek" (father Isaac "The Planter"), b. 3 MAY 1720, MA; d. NOV 1753, PA; m. Margaret Boslan.
			(a)	Margaret Boslan (stepdau.)
	(C)	JAMES KILLOUGH of Ire., b. 1692, Co. Antrim, Ire.; d. 1743, Co. Antrim, Ire.; one known son, John.  He is an ancestor of the Ireland and Canada Branches of the family.
		(1)	JOHN KILLOUGH, b. 1711, Co. Antrim, Ire.; d. 1739, Ire.
			(a)	WILLIAM KILLOUGH, b. 1737; d. 1774, Ire.
			(b)	JAMES "Jamey" KILLOUGH, b. 1740, Co. Antrim, Ire.; d. 1809, Co. Antrim, Ire.; married twice.  One known son.
				(i)	JOHN "Jack" KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1770, Yell Hill, Co. Antrim, No. Ireland; m. Nancy Rea.
					I.	JAMES KILLOUGH, b. 1798, Gortahar, Ire.; d. 1869, Ontario, Canada.; m. Mary Ann Rea.  He is the ancestor of the Canada Branch of the family.  Eight ch.
					II.	THOMAS KILLOUGH, b. ca. 1800, Gortahar, Ire.; d. 1896; m. Mary Jane Wilson.  Eight ch.
					III.	JOHN KILLOUGH, b. 1802, Gortahar, Ire.  Migrated to Canada.  Believed to be unmarried.
					IV.	JENNIE KILLOUGH, m. Robert Scott.  Had ch. in Ireland.
					V.	NANCY KILLOUGH, b. and d. Gortahar, Ire.; m. Stewart Smith.  Five ch.
					VI.	MARY KILLOUGH, b. and d. Gortahar, Ire.; m. Hugh McIlfatrick.  Four ch.




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	The Killough Family

The Killough Family

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