Sarah's Favorite Quotes for Kids

My Favorite Stories

Exploring The Cave

My Favorite Poems

Miss Mary Mack

Miss Mary Mack,Mack,Mack
all dressed in Black,Black,Black
with silver Bottons,Bottons,Bottons
all down her Back,Back,Back
She asked her Mother,Mother,Mother
for fifty cents,cents,cents
to see the cows,cows,cows
jump over the fence,fence,fence
they jumped so high,high,high
they touched the sky,sky,sky
and didn't come back,back,back
'till the fourth of July,ly,ly. he fell so hard,hard,hard

Clap your hands together.
Clap your right hand with other person.
Clap your hands together again.
Now,clap your left hand with other person.
(Do throught the whole poem)

Favorite Jokes That I (Sarah) Made Up

Qs and As

Q. What do you cross an owl with a ray?
A. Hooray!

Q. What do fish in the bleachers cheer?
A. Go Fish!

Q. Who was Snow White's Brother ?
A. Egg white get the yoke ?

Q. What did Billy say when his remote control airplane flew off?
A."I've got a plane to catch".

Q.What kind of burger does Frys the electronic store make?
A. a fry burger!

Q.What do have to be to make sure that you have B positive blood?
A. You have to B POSITIVE!!!!!!

Q. What do you buy things with?
A. Dollers and sence!!! (cents)