Fritz Kane Genealogy

A German Kane Family History Page

Greetings! This tiny page is for the descendents of Fritz (-1931) and Alvine Kane (1868-1947). Both are believed to have been born in Berlin. They had several children, one of whom was George Henry Kane (1896-1962), my GreatGrandFather.

The original name was either Kahn or Koehn.

Deceased Descendents of Fritz Kane in Plain Text (password required for complete list including living people)

Descendents of Fritz at . Search for "Kane".

I have a few documents on the family.

The list of all the Kane Cousins online is at, the list name is "Kane" and, if you are family, you can get the password from Mitch

Family mysteries:

  1. How do Grandpa and Grandma Williams fit in?

    I think they were Ruth's Grandparents, but I don't know if it was her father's side or mother's.

    Does anyone know anything about them? What they did for living? Where they were from? Were they German?

  2. Was the original Kane name Kahn or Koehn?
  3. On the boat.

    Dot told me that one of the Kane's was born on the boat coming from Berlin. Was this George Henry Kane?

  4. Who were Fritz's and Alvine's parents?
Kane Photos. If you have more let me know.