Pickens Steele Fincher Family Audio Archives

This page is to record some of the thoughts of people about Pickens Steele Fincher's Family and descendents. If you have any stories to tell, please email me and I'll call you and we can record them.

  1. "Milk" (Download the mp3 file)

    Conversation with Ernest "Buddy" Fincher and his son, Mitch Fincher Jan 13, 2011. Buddy and his family moved in from ft griffin before he started school, 1938 or so. Lived with Grandmother (Nannette) and granddaddy (Pickens Steele Fincher) for two years because Nannette had back problems, so Lurline could take care of them. Extremely difficult time for her; taking care of 3 kids, inlaws, and husband. Nannette in cot flat on her back since she had back problems and that was the treatment back then. They cut a hole in the cot so she could relieve herself with chamber pot underneath.

    Theron Pickens was running the hilltop grocery. They bought the little Rock house, Buddy thought was very big, but really tiny now. Lynette and Barbara had their own room. Buddy, Mother, Daddy slept on back porch 12' by 7'. Lurline and TP had double bed, he had 3/4 bed. They only had a screen with plastic on it. Wind would make the plastic pop. They thought they were doing real well. Bathroom built into back.

    They kept chickens and one or two milk cows, he would milk in morning and night. Lurline would strain the milk with a sugar or cotton sack. Six quarts worth. Buddy would deliver to three houses, set on back porch to make money.

    During the war, soldiers would come from Camp Barkley and go to the liquor store in Fort Griffin and come back through town drunk and speeding.

    "Inner Sanctum" scary radio show. He was quick in deliver milk before it was dark. He was 7 or 8, deliverying the milk at night was "exciting". Did this until '45 when they moved back to Griffin.

    Milking one night and a rattlesnake crawled between his legs. Kept feed under concrete snake probably eating rats. Killed another snake, probably its mate later.

    Lynette lived in rock house later.

    Lurline would take vase of flowers to hospital across the street all the time, crossing busy road.

    She checked herself into the hospital because she started forgetting. She remembered all her teachers, all her students. At her Trinity reunion she remembered all her fellow students; she went to Trinity at Waxahacie. She had an amazing memory.

  2. Temple Tucker

    Audio of conversation on March 28, 2019 about the PSFincher family.

    Audio of conversation on March 28, 2019 about his truck rolling over his foot and trapping him.

    Download as a Word Document: Nature Stories from the Cabin

  3. Barbara Fincher Kelly and Buddy Fincher

    Audio of conversation as he was dying of lung cancer

    Part 1 (Buddy started the Shackelford County Water Supply Corporation and was president for 33 years. He was pastor of Tabernacle Baptist for over 6 years. Previous two pastors ran off with their secretaries. ) and Part 2 (Buddy spent 24 years in the Air Force. He watched a lot of Fox News).