(Alphabetized by State)

by Terry McLean and Elwin T. Pickens of Collinsville Mississippi

The following is an index of Confederate Service records sorted by states.. Please see the master alphabetical list for explanations.



Confederate Service Record Index (By State)


Pickens, J.M. Gen. & Staff AQM

Pickens, J. Miles Gen. & Staff Capt.,AQM

Pickens, Thos. J. Gen. & Staff Hosp.Stew.


Pickens, S.J. 15th Conf.Cav. Co.K

Pickens, Walker Mead's Conf. Cav. Co.K


Picken, Harris 1st Choctaw & Chickasaw Mtd.Rifles 2nd Co.I

Pickens, Edmund Mtd.Choctaws Pickens' Co.,CSA Capt.





Pickens, John S. AL Cp. of Instr.Talladega

Pickens, J.S. AL Cp. of Instr. Talladega


Pickens, E.C. AL 1st Bn. Hilliard's Legion Vol. Co.D

Pickens, J.A. AL 1st Bn. Hilliard's Legion Vol. Co.D

Pickens, W.M. AL 1st Bn. Hilliard's Legion Vol. Co.D

Pickens, J.A. AL 15th Bn.Part.Rangers Co.E

Pickens, S. AL Mil. 4th Vol. Co.I


Pickens, Joseph A. AL 3rd Inf. Co.K

Pickens, James AL 5th Inf. New Co.D

Pickens, Samuel AL 5th Inf. New Co.D Cpl.

Pickens, R. AL 5th Inf. Co.D


Pickens, J.M. AL 12th Inf. AQM

Pickens, S.B. AL 12th Inf. Col.

Pickens, W.A. AL 17th Inf. Co.H

Pickens, James M. AL 20th Inf. Co.B,C

Pickens, James AL 22nd Inf. Co.B

Pickens, Rial AL 22nd Inf. Co.B

Pickens, S.L. AL 23rd Inf. Co.F Sgt.

Pickens, John T. AL 26th Inf. Co.A

Pickens, Henry W. AL 31st Inf. Co.A Jr.2nd Lt.

Pickens, Alx. AL 32nd Inf. Co.E

Pickens, B.F. AL 32nd Inf. Co.E ?? Benjamin Franklin (abt 1820/40) of Clarke Co., AL;

Joseph & Catherie LEACH ??

Pickens, Duncan AL 32nd Inf. Co.E ?? (1828-1863); Joseph & Catherine LEACH ??

Pickens, J.M. AL 32nd Inf. Co. E ?? James L (1822- ); Joseph & Catherine LEACH ??.

Pickens, J.R. AL 32nd Inf. Co.E

Pickens, R.L. AL 32nd Inf. Co.E

Pickens, William AL 32nd Inf. Co.H

Pickens, J.H. AL 40th Inf. Co.G Capt.

Pickens, E.C. AL 60th Inf. Co.I

Pickens, W.M. AL 60th Inf. Co.I

Pickens, W.A. AL 32nd & 58th (Cons.) Inf. Cpl.

Pickens, W.A. AL 58th Inf. Co.H Cpl

Pickens, W.A. AL 63rd Inf. Co.F


Pickens, J.N. AL Cav. Moreland's Regt. Co.D

Pickens, J.O. AL Cav. Forrest's Regt. Cpl.

Pickens, Sivn J. AL Cav. Murphy's Bn. Co.D

Pickens, J.D. AL 2nd Cav. Co.E

Pickens, Charles A. AL 3rd Cav. Co.C

Pickens, James C. AL 4th (Russell's) Cav. Co.D

Picken, John C. AL 11th Cav





Pickens, Charles L. AR Inf. Hardy's Regt. Co.B

Pickens, James D. AR Inf. 2nd Bn. Co.C

Pickens, James D. AR 3rd Inf. Co.E Lt.

Pickens, William AR 8th Inf. New Co.I


Pickens, Cyrus L. AR 15th (N.W.) Inf. Emergency Co.I Capt.

Pickens, Robert A. AR 15th (N.W.) Inf. Co.F

Pickens, J.M. AR 19th (Dawson's) Inf. Co. F

Pickens, James F. AR 19th (Dawson's) Inf. Co.F Sgt.

Pickens, Samuel H. AR 17th (Lemoyne's) Inf.Co.D

Pickens, Samuel H. AR 21st Inf. Co.H

Pickens, George AR 26th Inf. Co.I

Pickens, George W. AR 26th Inf. Co.A ?? George Washington (1843- ); Handy G. & Mary ??

Pickens, C.L. AR 34th Inf. Co.F Capt.

Pickens, Cornelius AR 34th Inf. Co.I


Pickens, A.B. AR 1st Mtd.Rifles Co.A 1st Lt.

Pickens, C. AR Cav. Gordon's Regt. Co.K

Pickens, C.L. AR 8th Cav. Capt.,AQM

Pickens, J.L. AR 8th Cav. Co.E





Pickens, Israel A. GA 4th Res. Co.D Cpl.

Pickens, Robert R. GA 4th Res. Co.E,K

Pickens, R.T. GA 5th Res. Co.G


Pickens, J.M. GA Columbus Arsenal Bn. Co.B

Pickens, A.H. GA Cav. 9th Bn. (St. Guards) Co.B


Pickens, J.A. GA 7th Inf. (St.Guards) Co.L

Pickens, Joel S. GA 7th Inf. Co.H

Pickens, John GA 15th Inf. Co.C

Pickens, S.H. GA 36th (Broyles') Inf. Co.K

Pickens, James S. GA 41st Inf. Co.B

Pickens, Robert H. GA 41st Inf. Co.B


Pickens, Robert GA 3rd Cav. (St. Guards) Co.B



Pickens, E.E. KY 2nd (Woodward's) Cav. Co.G Ezekiel Ewing 'Richard' (1844- );

Israel Haswell & Elizabeth W. LAMB

Pickens, John KY 8th Mtd. Inf. Co.C

Pickens, W.M. KY 12th Cav. Co.G





Pickens, A I. LA 1st Res. Co.K


Pickens, A.H. LA Inf. 4th Bn. Co.E

Pickens, D.A. LA Inf. 4th Bn. Co.E

Pickens, Joseph W. LA 19th Inf. Co.G

Pickens, S.N. LA 27th Inf. Co.I Sgt.

Pickens, W.G. LA 27th Inf. Co.I


Pickens, William J. LA 2nd Cav. Co.F (1832-1865/70); William Gabriel & Charlotte BRUCE

Pickens, A.O.P. LA 2nd Cav. Co.F Capt. Anderson Oliver Perry (1827- );

William Gabriel & Charlotte BRUCE

Pickens, S.N. LA 6th Cav. Co.A





Pickens, I.W. MS (Holmes Cty.Ind.) Adams' Co.

Pickens, Samuel A. MS S.W. Red's Co. (St.Troops) 3rd Lt.

Pickens, J. Reece MS Inf. 3rd Bn. Co.F 2nd Lt

Pickens, Amos M. MS 2nd (Davidson's) Inf. Co.D Sgt. (1836-1862); Israel A. & Elza (NILSON)

Pickens, Israel A., Jr. MS 2nd (Davidson's) Inf. Co.D

Pickens, Richmond C. MS 2nd (Davidson's) Inf. Co.D

Pickens, Samuel I. MS 2nd (Davidson's) Inf. Co.D

Pickens, I.L. MS Inf. 2nd St.Troops Co.B Capt.

Pickens, Samuel J. MS 2nd Inf. Co. F

Pickens, Josephus J. MS 2nd Inf. Co.G

Pickens, Peter K MS 2nd Inf. Co.G

Pickens, A.H. MS 12th Inf. Co.G

Pickens, James MS 14th Inf. Co.D

Pickens, Ellis M. MS 19th Inf. Co.E

Pickens, J.C. MS 25th Inf. Co.D Cpl.

Pickens, Israel H. MS 26th Inf. Co.E Cpl.

Pickens, Jerome G. MS 26th Inf. Co.E Gabriel Jerome (abt 1840- ); William & Emily REYNOLDS

Pickens, J.P. MS 26th Inf. Co.E

Pickens, Isaac B. MS 29th Inf. Co.K Sgt.

Pickens, Joseph MS 29th Inf. Co. K

Pickens, Nathaniel F. MS 30th Inf. Co.A

Pickens, A.G. MS 32nd Inf. Co.F,A

Pickens, Joseph MS 37th Inf. Co.C

Pickens, Israel L. MS 37th Inf. Co.C lst Sgt


Pickens, E.R. MS 2nd St.Cav. Co.L

Pickens, James MS 2nd St Cav. Co.E

Pickens, J.A. MS 2nd St.Cav. Co.K,L Cpl.

Pickens, J.A., Jr. MS 7th Cav. Co.E

Pickens, J.A., Sr. MS 7th Cav. Co.E Cpl.

Pickens, J.R. MS 7th Cav.

Pickens, Peter K. MS 7th Cav. Co.I 2nd Lt.

Pickens, John MS 12th Cav. Co. E

Pickens, Joseph MS 12th Cav. Co.E

Pickens, Samuel A. MS 12th Cav. Co.E 1st Lt.

Pickens, Samuel A. MS 28th Cav. Co.A





Pickens, C.K. MO 5th Cav. Co.K





Pickens, J.C. NC 3rd Jr. Res.Co.A Cpl.

Pickens, John NC 4th Bn.Jr.Res. Co.A Cpl.


Pickens, George A. NC 11th (Bethel Regt.) Inf. Co.K Sgt.


Pickens, S.V. NC 1st Cav. (9th St.Troops) Co.G





Pickens, John SC 3rd Bn.Res. Co.A

Pickens, John SC 5th St.Troops Co. M


Pickens, A. Monroe SC Inf. Hampton Legion Co.D Andrew Monroe (1839-1862);

Col. Robert & Nancy PEGG

Pickens, Israel W. SC Inf. Hampton Legion Co.D Sgt. (1835-1909);

Col. Robert & Martha SMITH **

Pickens, John Miles SC Cav.Bn. Hampton Legion Co.B Cpl.


Pickens, John SC 14th Inf. Co.I

Pickens, John SC 18th Inf. Co.B

Pickens, James M. SC 22nd Inf. Co.G Capt. James Madison (1830-1892);

Col. Robert & Martha SMITH **

Pickens, R.M. SC 22nd Inf. Co.G Sgt. Robert Mason (1825-1899); Col.Robert & Martha SMITH

Pickens, T.J. SC 22nd Inf. Co.G Thomas Jefferson (1841-1862); Col Robert & Nancy PEGG **





Pickens, J.A. TN Lt.Arty. Phillips' Co. Cpl.


Pickens, R.T. TN Inf. 2nd Cons.Regt. Co.A Cpl.

Pickens, James M. TN 2nd (Robison's) Inf. Co.B

Pickens, J.T. TN 9th Inf. Co.I Cpl.

Pickens, R.T. TN 13th Inf. Co.E,G Cpl.

Pickens, George W. TN 19th Inf. Co.G

Pickens, Newton P. TN 33rd Inf. Co. F

Pickens, Pinkney TN 33rd Inf. Co. F

Pickens, B.F. TN 33rd Inf. Co.F ?? Benjamin Franklin (abt 1820/40) of Obion Co., TN;

John & Matilda

Pickens, R.M. TN 38th Inf. Co.C

Pickens, A.J. TN 48th (Nixon's) Inf. Co.F


Pickens, William B. TN 3rd (Lillard's) Mtd.lnf. Co.H

Pickens, William B. TN 59th Mtd.Inf. Co.E

Pickens, S.B. TN 60th Mtd.lnf. Co.G

Pickens, William TN 60th Mtd.lnf. Co.C,E


Pickens, George W. TN 1st (Carter's) Cav. Co.M

Pickens, Robert TN 2nd (Ashby's) Cav. Co.G,B Cpl.

Pickens, Robert TN Cav. 4th Bn. (Branner's) Co.B

Pickens, Thomas J. TN Cav. 9th Bn. (Gantt's) Co.A

Pickens, John TN 3rd (Forrest's) Cav.

Pickens, M.D. TN 10th & 11th (Cons.) Cav. Co.E

Pickens, G.M. TN 15th (Cons.) Cav. Co.K Sgt.

Pickens James TN 19th & 20th (Cons) Cav. Co.D

Pickens, J.O. TN 18th (Newsom's) Cav. Co.H Cpl.





Pickens, William N. TX Inf. 1st Bn. Co.E

Pickens, J.A. TX 2nd Inf. Co.K

Pickens, Israel TX 6th Inf. Co.G

Pickens, W.L. TX 14th Inf. Co.B Capt.

Pickens, R.M. TX 18th Inf. Co.K


Pickens, John D. TX Cav. Ragsdale's Bn. Co. D

Pickens, William TX Cav. Wells' Regt. Co.H

Pickens, Mathew J. TX 18th Cav. Co.C Cpl.

Pickens, John Andrew TX 20th Cav. Co.H

Pickens, Patrick Henry TX 20th Cav. Co.H

Pickens, J.M. TX 20th Cav. Co.F

Pickens, =97 TX Cav. Good's Bn. Co.C

Pickens, J.H. TX 24th Cav. Co. F

Pickens, John TX 35th (Brown's) Cav. Co.A





Pickens, Benjamin F. VA 22nd Inf. Co.B

Pickens, John P. VA 22nd Inf. Co.B


Pickens, J.W. VA 21st Cav. AQM

Pickens, Robert VA Cav. 37th Bn. Co.E