An Episode in the Fincher Family
told by Rosalie Fincher Rothrock (Grammie)

[ From two handwritten photocopied pages given by David Rothrock to Mitch Fincher May 1996]

Grandfather Fincher was Hilliard Judge Fincher. He had 2 sons and one daughter, Hiram, Elijah and Lucinda Jane. His wife was named Myra. He had a sister named Jennie.

A squad of Yankees came to Grandfathers house at Midnite and demanded supper. Grandmother told them she had not even enough meal for their supper. They stood quarreling and cursing, Sam a slave came and stood in front of Grandmother and said Miss Myra if they come in here they will come over my dead body.

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Elijah Fincher, the father of Catherine Rosalie Fincher Rothrock, was born in York Alabama, in Sumpter County, Oct. 31, 1846. He entered the army at 15 years of age, 62nd Alabama Regiment. He was too young to fight, he was a water boy.

[ Note: According to Ann Wilson Fincher, Hilliard did not have a sister named Jennie, but a daughter named Lucinda Jane who was called Jennie -Mitch Fincher. She thinks Rosalie is mistaken.]