From a newspaper clipping dated 18th Aug 1929.
(Perhaps the Albany news)

Death Of Little Wallace Pickins Fincher

A shadow of gloom spread over
the two  communities of Albany
and Fort Griffin when news
circulated  that  the  little  
fifteen months old son of Mr. 
and Mrs. 
Theron Fincher had swallowed
coal oil.                .
The little fellow was playing
his usual way, disturbing no one
when he ran onto a small can
oil placed near the stove for aid
in building fires. His mother heard
him strangling and ran to him.
Not being able to determine how 
much oil he had taken, Mr. &
Mrs. Fincher rushed the child
Dr. Buchanan of Albany and then
to the sanitarium in Breckenridge.
There all was done for him that
could be done, but in vain, and
the little fellow passed away
at eleven o'clock Sunday night. His remains
were brought back to 
home of his grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. Pickins Fincher of 

The sadness of the hours was
made somewhat easier for the
mother by the presence of her 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace and
one of her brothers, Doyle, of Mt.
Calm, and Dale, another brother
of Lubbock,
Mr. and Mrs. Melborn Fincher,
Austin,  Rev. and Mrs.  Charles
Tucker, Rule, and Miss Winona
visiting in Waxahachie, were all
called home on account of the
death of their little nephew.

Funeral services were held at
the cemetery under the direction
of Rev. Charles Tucker, of Rule,
with Rev. Boyd, pastor of the
Methodist church of Albany, 
The floral offering was profuse
and beautiful.
Our hearts ache for the bereaved
ed ones, and we extend syropathy
in this hour of deepest sorrow.
This home will he sweeter -for the
brief visit of the little one,and
there is consolation in the thought
that he has gone to live with